A TV free week

Was bliss. I loved it, I loved sitting down with Dan chatting over the day. We didn’t get to play any card games which is one of the things I wanted to, but there is always next week. I have discussed this with Dan yet, but I think we both missed watching SBS news, but … More A TV free week


Well as the day is progressing I am getting tighter and sorer and stiffer. I just sneezed and felt like I had given myself a hernia, I wiped the counter down in the kitchen, my arms feel like if they fell off it would hurt less and as for walking up the stairs to get … More Owee


Well, I sit here with a bruised and singing elbow, an ice pack on my right ankle, scuffs, grazes, bruises developing, a glass of port for medicinal purposes and a trophy for best female performance for getting so far out my comfort zone it was silly. If ANYone asks me to do a commando run … More *Mutter*