Eden – It is a paradise

We are just back in from a brilliant evening at a little country pub in Eden. Will post more details later but, us un-locals were made to feel very welcome, shown pictures, cartoons and gently teased for being a Pom. Love it.

*hic* reporting in from the wine tour

So far we have been to: All Saints, Cofields, Pfeiffer, Buller and Stanton and Killen, off to Campbells next – but we need to stop for some nibbles as we are slightly squiffy! We’re on a rattletrap of a mini bus, with Maureen and Jim, Peter’s driving and with all the alcohol fumes, I am surprised he isn’t over the limit too. Just pulling up to an IGA supermarkado to get some crisps. Pete has just checked by putting his head in the window to see if he’s put the handbrake on, so maybe the fumes are getting to him after all!
As I am full of the joys of spring, and red wine, now is the chance to say I lover you all ver’ ver’ much :D

(Attempted to send on MONDAY!)