You think you are enlightened, move back in with your parents

They have been here for nearly 4 days, it was nice and sunny on arrival, Friday was cloudy and a bit showery ditto on Saturday, today it has poured it down. It has blown a gale and we’ve had the heating on. Next week will be into single figures and raining in Canberra; winter has well and truly arrived.

Today we have been pottering about, gone into Chadstone, laughed at two kittens that were charging around like loonies in the pet shop. In the next pen or coop, there were three grey and white kittens doing some serious sleeping (bit like Dad, he’s not stopped catching zzz’s since he got here), one kitten was asleep in the litter tray, with chin propped up on the side of it, another was propped up on the water bowl and the last one was wedged into the corner, none of them looked remotely comfy, but were blissfully oblivious to the world outside.

We’ve given up trying to find something to watch on TV, it is dire on Sunday afternoons, and the DVD player on Dan’s laptop decided it had had enough after playing 12 Angry Men. Mum and I caught up on the ironing, although there is washing draped all over the house from the two loads we did this morning.

ANZAC day parade was lovely, although not as many people there because of the weather. I wish they would have a dress code though, there were some teenagers walking along supposedly remembering fallen members of their family, in jeans, hoodies and caps at the right angle over one ear. Maddening. I will upload photos later, I am not taking the laptop with me though, so you will have to be patient to see them. I will be blogging, because I can email from my phone.

Tonight we are off out to the tram car restaurant as a surprise for them, we have been teasing them all day about where we are going, what we are doing and so on. I am wearing my blue dotty dress (it’s gonna be chilly and I can wear boots with it). We are all packed and ready to go in the morning, just need to cook breakfast, pack the car and depart. Peter our vine-yard-tour-bus-driver is booked, we just need to ring him to let him know where we are staying, and we will be collected, then deposited back slight squiffy.

More later on what we have been up to since they arrived, but we are having fun. Just wish the weather wasn’t so grim…

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