Mixed emotions

I signed my contract for a new permanent role last night.  I had an interview for an Executive Assistant/ Office Manager role at 6pm on Monday and was offered it at 8.30pm.  After reading through the Ts & Cs, I am happy with the company, who I would be supporting and the role itself.  BossMan who interviewed me, and started the company, was running late, he got stuck in traffic coming out the CBD.  I had gone out to the office on the train, Dan met me there driving in from work, and when BossMan learned that Dan was sat in the car park with the paper and a coffee he asked me to call him to invite him up.  Dan said thanks, but he was ok where he was.  On the email with my contract was the note, keep Saturday 9th clear – we are all going sailing and want you both to come along to meet the family.
You know I keep banging on about trusting my gut, last time I got offered a role – I didn’t and look what all hell broke loose?  This time it feels right, everything feel into place, right the way along.  I hoped onto MyCareer, sorted through the jobs posted online, applied for two, this one and another.  After the Easter break on the Tuesday, I had an email from BossMan saying that I had passed through the selection process and I would be contacted for interview. It isn’t a great location, it’s not the CBD, but after talking through with DG we can move closer to it when our lease is up at the end of July.  It takes me about 40 minutes on the tram to work as it is now, because if I leave on the train at the same time as Dan, I end up in the city really early.  If I leave on the train later to get in to the city for 8ish, I run the risk of not getting the train.  So it won’t have a huge impact on our morning routine with me working in the opposite direction. 
But of course, me getting a permanent job, means leaving HOBAN recruitment.  I have loved working here, I have made more friends, had a whale of a time and have given Outlook master classes to people too.  It has been nice to feel a valued member of a team again.  Everyone wants to feel both validated and valued, it doesn’t take much to say please and thank you – but more importantly to listen to others.  I think this is sometimes where people go wrong with children, when you see Bogan or Chavvy parents screaming ‘shuddup!’ to their child when they are trying to point something out to their parents, it drives me mad.  Yes, children can drive you crazy with their incessant questions, but if you answer consistently when you can, but tell them when you can’t – they do learn.  It is patterns of behaviour, if you set and maintain boundaries, everyone is so much happier; it is also easier to ask the little people to help you, because they trust you not to keep changing your mind.  I know I don’t have children, but I taught swimming for the best part of 10 years, where you need to know that the children in your care respond to what you say, your actions and your tone of voice, because if they don’t listen they could (not to put too finer a point on it) drown.  And people forget the children are little people, with their own personalities, tastes, wants and needs.  When they don’t get these needs met, or listened to, I believe that is when parents start to have problems with children, because the child will learn that the only behaviour they get recognition for is bad behaviour.
How on earth did I get onto that?!  You see, I start typing these things and wander off on a tangent in a completely different direction.
So I finish at HOBAN on Friday, after tramping Mum and Dad round the city tomorrow.  They have requested a shower before they do anything else, I also think I might let them have a coffee or tea too.  While I will be sad to leave, I am excited that I have something permanent lined up for the beginning of May and also that I have good friends and contacts here now too.  It has worked out well, as I can relax with Mum and Dad and enjoy their company.
I will try and blog/tweet/FB for you all while they are here to let you know what we are doing and how the visit is going.  But I don’t want to have to think about getting a connection to a wi-fi while they are here – so it may be intermittent updates.  But now I can email my posts, you may well get some sent from my phone:  I would like to apologise now for any typos! :D

What do you think..?

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