Aged Ps update

I have a text from Mum, they have made it to LA.  Twice in a week they have been there, but only once they had planned to be.  The train that they wanted to catch from Chicago to Seattle was re-routed via LA, which is probably like going from Devon to London via Glasgow.  For more details on their Grand Adventure, follow the link to their blog on the right hand side of this page. 
Being Mum and Dad they have taken a kite with them, surprisingly only one kite – they must be having withdrawal symptoms, even if they pop over to France they normally have 2 or 3!  They packed a little Union Jack flag kite, and are trying to fly it and take a photo of it everywhere they visit.  So we are expecting lots of pit stops on the way, when things look ‘interesting’.
So we have about 19 hours till I see them and get some parenting, although I think they are going to be too tired to do much!

What do you think..?

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