Getting excited now!

Not that it is this week that Mum and Dad arrive, but it is now the day after tomorrow!  Woo hoo.  The house was looking neat and tidy and ready for visitors, until I washed yet another tissue in my laundry yesterday.  It has gone “poof” in the washing machine, so we shook it off as much as we could from the clothes, leaving a trail of white woofees all through the house.  We decided that it is easier to leave the clothes to dry, (not that I do this THAT often, ahem) then attack them with Sellotape, but I have never had to hoover a washing machine out before.
I made soup last night with the excess veggies left over from the week before and the roasty at the weekend and some chicken stock that DG had made and frozen.  If I do say so myself, it was pretty darn good.  I only had to top it up with a vegetable stock cube, then whizz it all together.  It took all of 20 minutes, and will only improve as the flavours fester together.  I have some for lunch today.
Last night I went to Boronia for a job interview, it went really well, much laughing in the office which was good.  I was talking to Dan this morning, as I had realised that I had thought about getting a nice job with a nice boss, walking along in the CBD thinking to myself I set out what I wanted in my head.  Over the Easter break I found this job on line, thought that looks good, applied for it, and a week later – here it is.  It is both a small company, but corporate as they are in a period of growth and expansion.  Very exciting and I will let you know more about it when I receive all the paperwork I am waiting for.
The mornings are really cold here, although the day warms up gently, burning any clouds and slight mist off.  Which means bundling up to leave the house, with little droplets of moisture highlighting your clothes when you walk down the street; but carrying your jacket home.  You know how your bed is always just the right temperature when you wake up, it makes it hard when we take it in turns to scamper out through the lounge room, down the stairs to flick the switch on the heating.  If only a timer had been installed!  But it is only for another couple of months, we can cope with the goose bumps and cold toes.  Ducted air is good because it heats up quickly, by the time I have fogged up the bathroom with my shower (still under 4 minutes), my towel is warm, but it is so noisy.  You have to turn the radio or TV up if you want to hear it, to then get deafened when the heater clicks off when the set temperature is reached.  It is also impossible to sleep to (yes I have tried) for the same reason.
Tonight we have a little bit of faffing to do, including cleaning the washing machine, I didn’t get a chance to stick the last bits in my book yesterday as we got home late.  They are showing old Top Gears on SBS, it was the one where Richard Hammond gets dropped in a tank in a car, even though we have seen some of the programmes, they are still funny and far and away better than the majority of Aussie TV. 
Looking forward to a nice dinner tonight, we have taken some mince and ratatouille out the freezer to make a homemade pasta sauce.  With all this home cooking going on, we feel very Nigella-ish.  It is also probably why I feel so content at the moment.  I feel very present, very aware of everything that is happening around me, which is a great feeling. 
Emailing my blogs is so easy, but I can’t add labels in the posts – which is a bummer as I was trying to get back in the habit of doing them.  Worse things happen at sea though.

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