Monday morning

Dan gave me a lift to the station today, I validated my ticket, got straight on a train and even though we sat outside Flinders Street station for nearly 10 minutes, I was still in the city for 7:43.  I don’t start work until 8:30!  So I walked slowly to my office, ING were giving away free copies of The Age (Melbourne newspaper) so I didn’t have to buy one – bonus.  I got to work so early the lights weren’t even on in the bit of the office I sit in.  So I had my breakfast, made a cup of tea and skimmed through bits of the paper.  Methinks I don’t need to leave so early tomorrow.
Yesterday was a really good day, considering I was awake at 4am.  We woke up at 9:20ish, had our breakfast then went to a card and collectable fair at Sandown Racecourse.  It has both a horse racing track and a car racing track, people pay to fly around in their cars.  There were some very fast cars, and some not so fast cars charging past.  A normal road worthy Audi was also flying past, but hardly making any sound which was both weird and amazing at the same time.
Dan is trying to collect one of every Steve Waugh card made, so he had a little list of those he needed to find.  He spent all of $3, and after wandering round the stalls, which were mostly ALF cards, I then managed to spend $38 on DVDs.  Collectables is a big umbrella of things, there were Beanies, models, china, bibelots, old radios and gramophones.  We spent about an hour there, just wandering round.  Dan met some of the people he has been trading with on eBay.  It is a small world of card traders in Oz, eBay has only just started over here, it doesn’t have the huge following of people like it does in the UK.  But then, we don’t have Amazon either.
From the card fair we went shopping, this is unusual for DG as we have decided that I do the shopping and the ironing, he does the car and the washing up, and we divvy up everything else.  He was quite happy pootling about with the trolley, I brought him a coffee and some Duchy ginger biscuits to placate and encourage him.  I then had a snooze in the afternoon, at least I did until the stupid mare who has moved in behind us slammed the metal door shut on the garage.  As our bed is above the garage door, it woke me up somewhat.  I am not saying she isn’t a very nice person, but there were 3 other girls living there and since she moved in, 2 have moved out.  She is so ignorant, such hard work to talk to, we don’t even know her name, she just grunts at you.  Every time she comes in or goes out she slams the doors, she revs her car really loudly.  When she is on her mobile every other word is ‘like’ “Like this one time at Band Camp” this is the generation that will be running the world.  They can’t spell (you should see some of the job applications that come through this office) and they can’t hold a conversation either.  (I better get off my soapbox, or this will turn into a rant and I didn’t want this blog to be a vent.)
Dan and I then spent the rest of the day getting ready for Mum and Dad’s arrival.  We watched the Grand Prix, did the ironing, cooked an amazing roast dinner.  We watched some fairly high-brow current affairs programmes on SBS, so we felt all intelli-gement.  I then got ready for the morning, made my smoothie, got the rest of my breakfast and lunch ready, laid out my clothes and went to bed feeling very happy with my lot.  I still struggled to get off to sleep, but slept well when I was there.  Hopefully tonight I have a better night.
I have a job interview this evening after work, so keep your fingers crossed.  I will let you know how I get on.  Dan is driving out to meet me, as it is a bit out the city.  But as I said to a couple of people last week, our lease is up at the end of July, so we can move closer if I am successful.  When we get back, we have left over roast lamb and veggies, I will also make soup tonight as I took some stock out the freezer last night.  It is really quite chilly when we wake up now, so autumn is definitely on its way!

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