On weekends and pottering

I am so lucky I have a boy I don’t have to entertain every minute. We are quite content to faff about in the house, making each other cups of tea when we fancy having a drink, but at seperate ends of the house. He has tidied the car today, hoovered it too and will do his filing. I have hoovered and dusted the bedroom, cleaned the bathrooms and have done a couple of loads of washing. I also managed to put a black sock in with my white load, which was annoying, so I’ve washed it again with stain remover ‘Trust Pink!’ I’ll be pi$$ed if the yellow streaks don’t come out. It had my favourite long sleeved white t-shirt from Gap in the wash. Gap aren’t in Oz, which is a pain as I brought loads of tops from them in the UK.

We made a lightning visit to IKEA this morning to buy a mattress pad. We have one already on our bed, but when Aged Ps arrive on Thursday (yay) will need to move that into the spare room for us to sleep on. We road-tested it when we changed the bedding this week, and decided that we needed more padding than that, hence the visit to the Swedish superstore. We thought about getting a spare bed, but as we are going to be moving at the end of July, it would only be another piece of furniture to assemble, and then dis-assemble, so thought the better of it. We arrived at 10:05, brought breakfast in a nearly full cafe (where everyone had appeared from amazed us), went straight to the market place. I was frog-marched past tea lights and tea towels, straight into the light section as we needed a lamp for the spare room, then picked up our mattress pad. With only a set of chopping boards as an impulse buy, and another big metal plate to put our big candle on, we were in and out in an hour. We also brought some meatballs and gravy in the Swedish shop, yummeh.

So now I sit here contemplating lunch as I am starting to feel hungry, I had a wheat free sandwich yesterday and did something I hadn’t done in ages – I brought a packet of crisps and put them inside it. Did I get some funny looks in the office! Must be an Inglish thing. This afternoon I will take the towels to the launderette to tumble, they are lovely and big, but as they are older than our newer towels (does that make sense?) even with softener, if they air dry they are like cardboard and exfoliate, rather than dry you. I’ll take the papers with me, but probably end up chatting to the little Chinese lady in there. She is sweet.

I have a pile of ironing to do, I need to sort out the paperwork that is my inspiration book. Currently pile up on the coffee table, I have 4 magazines to cull too. Dan is going to sort through his filing, currently in an archive box. We got some hanging files last weekend, so we are relatively organised now, albeit in a crate as the ‘look of leather’ is still everywhere. He just needs to file his paperwork into it now as oppose to leaving a trail of piles all over the house. *sumg* sorted mine out on Easter Sunday, one of the reasons I was shattered and spent the next two days in bed.

Other than that, we are all ready for the impending invasion. I updated the schedule last night, put it up on the fridge ready to go. Such a PA, all the phone numbers we need are on it. At least I am putting my skills to use somewhere!

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