Bring out your dead

I write this from my sick-bed, (the wonders of laptops), surrounded by the accoutrement’s of keeping me occupied while my body rides out the temperature, sore throat, sneezing etc. that I woke up to today. Visiting Antoinette, my trusty Chiro, on Thursday morning she asked if I had been tested for chronic fatigue syndrome, when I said that I had been tested to Glandular Fever at school, she nodded wisely and carried on prodding and poking, then said ‘I think you have it again.’ Great news, one that filled me with deep joy, but then Lisa at work said that I looked like a hamster on Wednesday as my glands under my chin were up, so maybe there is something in it after all.

I am lurching from one thing to another, never really getting over it, never really getting ill, never really feeling well. Not how I like living and it is really frustrating, we went to play with Piper and Oakley yesterday, Oakley had a runny nose, Lachy and Ney had woken up with a sore throat, so I think I have collected their bug on my rounds. I am due back at the doctors in 3 weeks, when I have road-tested my inhaler for a month, which is still not making a blind bit of difference, and I am really pleased I took anti-biotics all last week too! I am doing what I was told and keeping a diary for the month, which makes for interesting reading.

So here I sit, propped up on pillows like Camille (although hopefully without the consumption diagnosis), with newspapers, magazines, a book, tissues, throat sweets etc and DG playing Age Of Empires in the living room, trundling out to buy me said throat sweets and the paper; while I doze the day away listening to The Cat Who Wasn’t There, although now it is finished and I know whodunnit, I don’t know what to listen to next. It is nice lying there listening to someone with a lovely voice read to you, but frustrating when you have to rewind your audio books because you have nodded off. It took 4 goes to listen to that one, over the space of about 3 weeks because my lap top ‘lost’ all my audio books when I re-installed iTunes.

What I am really cross about is that I didn’t want to spend the day in bed, it has been glorious over here today. Blue sky, sunny. I wanted to go for a walk, but dragging a wheezing mess round the park isn’t really what I had in mind for Dan, I had visions of us striding strongly along St Kilda’s sea front with a picnic in the car that we could eat after our round trip. We can’t walk out tomorrow, he is helping Lachy and Renee clear their garage out, then going into work to finish off some of his boxes (woodworking) I am home alone, but at least I should be able to catch up on what I missed today, any other female types find it easier to tidy up when their boys aren’t around? I can put some music on, whizz about the house creating merry hell with piles of bits and bobs all over the place, rooms slowly getting sorted as I flit about like a bumble bee, then when said boy comes home it is all done, he is none the wiser that things have been tidied – until he can’t find anything. I keep asking him ‘Where does it live?’ when he can’t find what he’s looking for. He trundles off to where he told me he wanted his flip-flops put for example, and lo and behold, there they are.

At least today he knows exactly where I am, apart from venturing out for food and water, I haven’t moved since I got into bed last night.

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