Amazon are censoring books – please take action!

Yes you read that right, in this enlightened times it seems that we have a Nazi propaganda book-burning situation flaring up in our faces.

Please contact Amazon at, or Tweet, Facebook or do whatever you can to make them understand the ridiculous situation they have now found themselves in. Here is my email.

I am aghast, offended and extremely angry at the ridiculous stand you have taken on ‘adult’ titles, except the titles that have been de-listed only appear to be gay and lesbian titles, or useful information to parents on and for growing teens. Books that are on bookshelves across the world, in fiction, not segregated into ‘adult’ fiction, but general fiction! Books that are autobiographical, but have an ‘adult’ content, like Stephen Fry’s wonderful “Moab is my Washpot” – unless of course you are censoring the book for his stealing as oppose to his first love? What autobiographical book DOESN’T have adult content. How are parents who are struggling to give good advice in an over body conscious world to their growing daughter are going to find some of the titles that are now missing from your banned list because they might offend someone? All over the world in libraries and shops people are free to browse amongst pages, picking books up and setting them down, reading the back of the book or reviews for more information, but not on Amazon will they be able to find them in general listings, because you have seen fit to ride rough shod all over ‘liberty and freedom for all’.

Once again mainly gay and lesbian people are being hauled over the coals, are being made scapegoats because some over-zealous religious crack-pot has evidently decided that while murderers, rapists, serial criminals – people who do truly heinous crimes against others; as oppose to people loving and nurturing others are to be penalised. Because the over-zealous religious crack-pots think that it is dirty, it is nasty to love someone of the same sex, while blithely accepting gangs roaming the streets and terrorising neighbourhoods with guns and knives. Well it is far nastier and also mentioned in the 10 commandments not to kill others, not to steal and also to Remember the Sabbath. But the over-zealous religious crack-pots seem to forget these in their rampaging, excluding and down-right disturbing behaviour towards valuable members of society, while being truly not Christian in their behaviour, and certainly not “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

So can we assume that Amazon will now censor all the books, films and programmes glorifying violence and shut on Sunday, or what about Friday to Saturday nights to cover a Sabbaths? The Sopranos, The Godfather, Fight Club, A Clockwork Orange, Commando, American Psycho, for glorifying and celebrating violence – or The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, because they made millions of people think a few times and question The Bible, will these books and films all be de-listed? Will you stop selling vibrators and other sex toys, or can only straight people buy them? Are you going to have a ‘tick here for your sexual orientation and we may or may not process your order depending on the result’ check box. Will you now also censor ‘adult’ hetro-sex scenes, causing Judith Krantz, Jilly Cooper, Jackie Collins, even Mills and Boon to be de-listed?

Why are you de-listing educational books to help guide young girls through menstrual cycles, does this mean Dr Spock will soon go, as when you have sex you could make a child – even if you are not in the missionary position!?

How much money will you lose? I am taking my business elsewhere, I will encourage everyone I know to do the same. For the record, I am a Quaker and straight.

What do you think..?

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