General witterings

I am not too sure where this will end up, but here we go:

I work on a crossroads junction, like I did in London. Like London there are traffic lights, and like in London people jump the lights causing chaos, because they can’t wait when they see the lights turning red and have the patience to just sit there. The crossroads has pedestrian crossings on all four roads too, and I have lost count of the amount of times we have had to walk round the cars that are stuck in the middle of the pedestrian bits, because they have jumped the lights. The junction is also bi-sected by tram lines, which causes even more chaos than normal, because of hook-turns. Where if you want to turn right, you have to be in the left lane, wait for all the traffic to clear then turn across all the traffic and hope you get across before the opposite cars start heading at you. Not surprisingly I avoid them, and will do left turns until I end up facing in the other direction or drive 4 blocks out my way. Much to DG’s amusement.

I am not the world’s greatest driver, I can get too close to people in front of me, as my mind wanders while I am driving (I don’t think I will get too many passengers now after this blog) but I love driving. Over here, once you get past the odd discrepancies in the signs, it is similar to driving in the UK – but only in the cities. When you get to rural areas, you can drive for hours, literally and not see another car. Even just outside Melbourne, we have been tootling about on country roads, and we could be in a Ridley Scott film with nothing else in sight. I love driving along with the window down, hair whipping around and music playing loudly, singing along. One of the best things about driving down from Andover to Portsmouth every Friday night to see Dan was the choice of music coming out the iPod. Usually bouncy, sometimes the Pet Shop Boys, sometimes dance, whatever it was I would get out the car in a great mood. I have said before how I find it annoying to have the TV too loud, but music is usually turned up fairly loud. I have just put my iPod on now, Dan has gone to shave off his beard (the full beard attempt has failed miserably, he is going back to a goatee – hurrah!) as normal I am starting off with Saltwater by Chicane, after that I will play an album, don’t know what one yet and I am sure you are REALLY interested!

On Good Friday in Australia, no shops are open. Period. Get over it. It made eating here interesting today as we are a bit Old Mother Hubbard, but we survived. On the news tonight they said ‘they’ like having shops closed and minimal options for entertainment, to make people contemplate ‘things’. We contemplated the muddle in the spare room, rearranged the living room again and hoovered, dusted and tidied up. It still looks like a bombsite with the amount of paperwork we have lying around the place, we have piles of things to go through, but have run out of filing space and can’t find a home office solution that we like. We don’t want to buy the ‘look’ of leather, which seems to be the only options on sale at the moment. Will keep looking, but need to spend a day weeding out, shredding and organising what we have into some semblance of order to condense it somewhat.

Plans are afoot for the wedding, I tried on more dresses with Renee yesterday, very successfully too as I now have two options. But want to talk to Aged Ps about how much they want to spend first, as one would be lovely, but I think Dan would have heart-failure at the price. Whereas the other option is one I have been able to try on, and can be made at half that price. Confused? One is Haute Couture, the other a designer which works from ready-to-wear designs in her collection. Either way, it will be a Maddilion dress as the one I like in the RTW would be amended slightly for me. I could not believe some of the dresses I was trying on yesterday. From lovely to ridiculous, we found one with a beautiful bodice in a supermarket/jumble sale of a shop (not recommended and I will be complaining to them), but I would have to order the whole meringue to go with it, and then pay to have the skirt altered too as the ‘designer’ (read sweat shop), won’t let you order it without the skirt being voluminous. What a waste of money, time and effort!

But now I know it will be ivory, I can start looking for shoes – which is the bit I have truly been dreading, but I have six months to find some, so should be fine. Dan and I are going to also sit down this weekend (good job it is 4 days long, well now 3) and start working on our budget. Eek.

I have brought a box from IKEA to collect everything wedding-ified into. I spent an hour working on the invite letter and our map as so many of the guests are coming from the UK, we are going to have to organise this in cyber-space, then finished printing everything all off. I have some double sided sticky tape, so the invites will get assembled and posted next week. I also dusted the desk (grim as it is by a window, and all sorts of dust, whoofees and dirt blows in onto it) and am now sat typing at a clean, neat organised desk. I am pretending the table is clear, not covered with stuff, the magazine clippings I have been collating aren’t now out of order where they have been moved around from pillar to post, the filing isn’t groaning in the expanding file next to me and that I am actually superwoman.

Did I tell you that our DVD player went phut? We’ve got a DVD R which records programmes to the hard-drive, but it kept having a funny five minutes, either by switching itself on or off; stopping a DVD in the middle of playing (most annoyingly in La Vie En Rose, just as Edith Piaf had collapsed on stage, you know the bit they show you at the Oscars to show how great Marion Cotillard was? I was in mid sniffle, the picture stopped, and by the time you get the bluddy thing to switch off, switch on, open and shut the drawer and find the place it has stopped, you don’t feel like carrying on watching, so I still haven’t finished the film. Then it would record programmes, they would show in the menu, scroll down, select, the whole thing would crash. Switch it off, switch it on etc. and the programme is no longer available to watch. Maddening. We took it back, and are waiting to hear what will happen, as they wouldn’t replace it, as that is what the 12 month warranty is for. *sigh*

We now have had to hook up Dan’s lap top to the TV, which is funny when ebay looms large on the 32″ screen, goodness he looks at boring stuff, he played Age of Empires on it till 2am this morning, coming to bed going ‘woooooooooa’. It is also a bit temperamental, as we have different region DVDs now, and it is a UK laptop, so will get all British and say ‘I am not playing that’. Causing us to fiddle around with the menu settings, the poor thing is going to end up with an identity crisis.

We are off to meet up with Lachy and Ney and the kids tomorrow, we are going to a park to play, and have a BBQ/picnic. Watch it rain… It should be good fun though, the park is massive and Piper charges about making friends with other children, dragging us off to play with her, Oakley toddles about slowly climbing on things, clapping in delight when he comes down a slide. At least DG will get a kiss from Pippy now he has shaved his beard off, she was not impressed with her hairy uncle!

Laters, have a great Easter.

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