On working and being a girl

I have changed teams at work, so I am back helping Projects after my little secondment to the Grad team. I have had a little bit more in-depth training this time, so I will be able to help out more and not be asking for things to do, I will be able to pick things up as they come in. One of the team is leaving this week (tomorrow) so keep your fingers crossed for permanent hours.

I have been using my inhaler now for nearly a week and if anything feel worse than I did before. I have also completed my course of antibiotics, which as you can tell have done SFA too. I still feel really congested, am coughing, blowing and sneezing still and woke up this morning bone tired. I had taken a sleeping tablet, so that wouldn’t have helped, but as it is a strong anti-histamine, I also don’t think me taking Piriton or similar will make any difference either. Very frustrating. I had intended to go up the gym on Monday, but when you are struggling to breathe, it makes you think twice. I even took everything in with me and back again from work too. I will go to the gym over the Easter weekend though, I have 5 days off in a row – wooo-hooo! I have taken tomorrow off to go on another frock horror reconnaissance mission with Renee, with three appointments booked in.

Dan and I are going to blitz the spare room over Easter, and tidy that up prior to Aged Ps visit later this month, we have piles of things in there that need to be packed properly into boxes, which in turn can then be put in the garage and clear some room. So tonight, as the bedding has been changed, the ironing has been done I will touch up my toenails and make myself look a bit more neat and tidy. I am getting better at being a girl, you’d think after 34 years I would have the hang of it, but not necessarily. Mind you I did blow-dry my hair to look ‘tousled’ today, as oppose to straight, and so far it seems to be sitting ok. I still need to practice with my straighteners, but so far I don’t have any singed ears or fingers, and when I do section it off it works, even if I can’t do the back properly yet.

Oh the trials and tribulations of being a girl. I am off to tidy my toe nails up, I may even paint my fingernails, you never know!

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