The week so far…

Considering I have my lap top back, I should have been able to blog more this week, rather than less but we have had such disturbed sleep all week, I haven’t really been firing on all cylinders so I apologise for this tardy post.

I picked up my new inhaler from the chemist this morning, it cost me $49 to get it and my anti-biotics that she wants me to take, which I will start in a minute having to have to take it half an hour before eating. It is a twist, click, inhale version, which is new to me, but has to be easier than trying to co-ordinate it all as I had done before. It also has steroids and ventolin in the same puff, so I need to wash my mouth out after taking it, to avoid a side effect of getting a thrush-like infection in my mouth. Lovely. Now I have been told what my problem is (one of many before you start) I look back and wonder how I could have missed it, when I have been on the bike at the gym I have got off feeling like an old lady, coughing thinking I pushed myself a bit too hard. When we went for my birthday walk, I was puffing again, before we had even really started going up hill and combined with the anti-histamines she thinks I will be taking when I go back in a month after keeping a note of what makes me cough and what doesn’t, so far this week – anything. We haven’t done house work since last weekend, and as we live in the dustiest place I have ever lived in, cleaning tomorrow could also prove interesting. I don’t want to have to take medication every day, I would prefer not to, as my body is a temple – ha ha!

It is thundering and lightning today, the sky is so grey you can’t even see the bay from the office windows, thunder is rumbling round the city and lighting is changing the sky to different colours. As my Dad would say, ‘They are firing on the range’. The storm seems to be right over the CBD, not the best day to have to go out for lunch with the ladies, we are going to get slightly damp – not least because we have all been fed up of being told it is going to rain, then it being hot, dry and muggy, so we all left our coats at home. I did remember my umbrella though, thank goodness. What is annoying though, is my hair is behaving for the first time this week and it will all go to pot as soon as I get outside, I never had a problem with humidity until I went to HK, and my hair has never really recovered since. It doesn’t help that it is longer than it has been for a while too, and I left my brush at home.

I had a good, quick shopping trip yesterday. I brought 2 pairs of trousers, 2 tops, 2 scarves and a pair of shoes in an hour, and also found the shop I will probably get my wedding dress from too. Talk about letting the current take you, I walked past the Block Arcade, literally opposite the office, and looked up to see a tea-length halter neck dress, went in rummaged around and thought a-ha! I then went to the Bourke Street Mall, to a shop Liza my hairdresser recommended I try for work stuff. Once I figured out what size I was by trial and error, I was surprised at how well the trousers did, I rejected one pair that were more hipster than I like for work, top of butt-crack showing is not the most professional look, plus my shirts keep coming un-tucked. So one new pair of black trews, one new pair of grey trews and two really cute little merino wool jumpers, one black, one purple for layers, lots of wear foreseen, both work and play, finally a white scarf with pink roses on, and a blue stripey scarf with a thin silver thread running through it, I am very happy with myself. My shoes are black work shoes, cute little buckle on and suede, so I am very pleased I didn’t wear them today as I need to weather proof them first. Mum is also bringing another pair of work shoes and red ballet slippers for me to trot to and for work when they come out, I ordered them in the Next sale earlier this year. So 3 new pairs in a month! Woo-hoo!

Right I better close this bit off and will finish it later, we are off out into the weather soon. I am changing teams again next week, back to Projects from the Grad team, I said today that I would like to work permanently, so we will see what comes of it, but I hope they take me seriously.

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