We are off to the football tonight (Thursday), but I won’t get a chance to put this up online until Friday, so the daily updates will be missed slightly. I am doing my best to witter on at you as much as I can, so I hope you appreciate it, I don’t even know if anyone is reading this anymore!

It is moving into Autumn here, as it moves into Spring in the UK, the mornings are darker, the nights are colder, the weather is as unpredictable as the UK too. I have a jacket, scarf, gilet, boots and sunglasses, trying to cover all bases at the football tonight, but in the stadium I know it will be draughty. I haven’t noticed trees turning yet, but a lot of them are parched and yellow from the hot sun, so it is more difficult to notice than in England. I am still hoping to get to New Hampshire to see them turn one day, I can’t imagine what that must be like to see in the flesh.

In case you may not have noticed the AFL starting this week over in the UK, we also have another sporting event happening this weekend, the Grand Prix is normally held earlier in March, but because the Poison Dwarf wanted a ‘twilight’ race, it has been bumped against the 4 opening games of the AFL. The news commentators are debating what will have the biggest crowds, and think that the race won’t have as many people going to it, certainly not for the prices they are charging will we go to it! The Victorian government will lose $48million dollars by holding it, while you can’t move for stalls that have sprung up selling merchandise and Lewis and team-mate were on TV last night visiting the burns unit at The Alfred, more headlines and excitement and general office chatter is about the footie. Having 90,000 people turning up to the opening game is the biggest turnout for ages, perhaps ever, and on a school night too.

Richmond are playing Carlton, Dan is a Carlton supporter, Richmond have famously given a place to Ben Cousins, who is a player who has admitted a drug problem, cocaine, and no team would touch with a barge pole. The pundits are getting very excited about how he will do this season, and judging by the photo on The Age this morning, he has worked hard to get back into shape. This will be my third match at the G, 4 match total, I still get a running commentary from DG on what is happening, it is so much easier to follow on the pitch than on TV, where they keep chopping and changing camera angles, I lose the flow of the game. It doesn’t help by the little odd-bods that charge on and off the pitch in yellow shirts delivering messages to the players from the managers. Can you imagine Wayne Rooney’s face if an underling came running up to him with a message from Flavio ‘Sort your attitude and anger out you little twerp’. It is almost worth introducing it to soccer to watch the arms go up in the air with innocence and shock like a dubious tackle the ref has blown the whistle over; while the replay flashes the foot tripping over the opponent, or the elbow charge or the spitting – now that really does rankle, it is revolting.

I digress, we are again meeting in Chloe’s Rooms at Young and Jackson, and will get some dinner on the way to the ground. I quite like meeting Dan in the City in the evening, it feels more like a date than when we go out the house together. :D I have changed my handbag, downsized but still got in it: purse, camera, iPod, pen, ickle notepad, mascara, Touch e’clat, lip balm, spare lenses and my phone. It does give me hope when I use my little bag that I could go back to a small bag, but then I get twitchy about not having a book when I am on a tram/train, then I wonder if I could after all! While my handbag could be a small one, I would end up carting about more in my tote. Today I have my gym bag with me for a change of clothes. I nearly clonked someone over the head with it getting out my seat on the tram, he was NOT moving to let me get off easily. How could I have not remembered earlier the tram journey in this morning! It was bizarre!

First up a lady gets on eating curry, at 7:30 in the morning, she is tucking into rice, dahl and a curry stinking the whole tram out, and wouldn’t you love to pressed up against that breath on the train when she stood next to you?! Then a man who looked homeless got on, with his little shopping bag and starting sorting out stencils and books, muttering to himself, I carry on looking out the window, at Balaclava station just when I think my day won’t get any weirder, the homeless guy is now talking loudly to himself, a man gets on with a ukulele. And proceeds to play it, all the way into town. The homeless man is taking umbrage at this and now starts chuntering and shouting, so the tram driver has to get out his little cubicle to ask him to get off. I am now sat there with my sunglasses on, pretending not to be sitting next to him, because I always get them, I mean it was bad enough the ukulele player standing behind me! I got off at Flinders Street, more than slight frazzled at the start to my day, brought my 10 x 2 hour ticket and retreated to Starbucks for a restorative Americano.

My first phone call of the day, at 9:02, was from a candidate calling in to find out what was going on with his assessment centre. He had told me yesterday he had booked flights to Canberra so he could attend an assessment centre that he wasn’t booked in for, on Saturday morning, I said that I needed to get some clarification on the other questions he had raised, so I would call him back tomorrow (now today). So this morning, before I have even got comfy he has rung in, so I asked him why had he booked the flights, as we would be doing that for him and there were no assessment centres running on Saturdays to clarify everything all over again, (he has an Indonesian name – so I am not likely to get him mixed up with someone else) for him to say, ‘What flights? I live in Canberra.’ I put my head on my desk and breathed deeply.

Luckily the day got better from there, and the sun is now shining with big fluffy white clouds moving past my window. I have a window, I am on the 21st floor too, so have a lot of the city spread out below me. Although we have had 2 earthquakes registering 4.6 on the Richter scale, so I am not too sure if I would like to be this high if there is a big one. The last one was a couple of weeks ago, it feels like someone is walking past you when you are sat on a sprung floor, only I was sat in my chair in a big steel, glass and concrete structure.

Sarah has said that she gets a bit daunted when I blog for too long, I can’t help it if I get caught up in my own waffle. I should set myself a word limit one day to see how I do. Anyway, I will close for now, and leave you with this rather worrying thought I have found at least 7 wedding dresses to try on on Saturday. 7!

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