TFI Friday

forgot to upload yesterdays email to me this morning, so you are going to get a couple in one day again – sorry folks.

We had a great time at the football last night, we met at the station, walked up to Wagamama’s and had a nice dinner and beer. We crossed the city to the MCG, with lots of other people and took our seats right above the interchange bench, 4 rows from the front of the top tier. If we had been watching a cricket match, we would have been right behind the wicket. As the sun fell it was getting cold, with a wind that gusted round us reminding Dan that he should have brought a beanie, and considering the amount of hoodies that were being worn, I could have worn a warmer jacket than the one I chose, but when you sit in the members stand they can be funny about what you wear. We always veto some outfits, thinking we might not be allowed in; then see people who shouldn’t be allowed in the enclosure according to the dress code. We chatted for an hour, watching the stadium fill up and the pundits record their live links to the evening news.

The game itself was good fun, Carlton had two cracking quarters and ended up beating Richmond by a country mile. We left about 10 minutes into the last quarter as the game had gone flat, we were cold, and we hoped to miss the foot-traffic back to the station. We got onto the platform, the train came in 30 seconds later, we sat down, got off at our stop 10 minutes later and drove the little bit home to the flat. I cannot tell you how much easier it is to go out in Melbourne than it is to do so in London. If we had gone to Wembley, it would have been a train trip across the city, then a train home to Portsmouth, probably stopping everywhere as we would have caught the milk train. About 3 or 4 hours after we had started we would have staggered in, wrecked for the next day. I know when you live in the ‘burbs it is easier than living 67 miles out the city centre, but even if we did live that far out there are still direct trains from the station, walking distance from the biggest sporting venue in the country to the equi-distant-distance.

We are so lucky in some respects, so unlucky in others. Our estate agents priced the flat we lived in out the market, so it took nearly a year to sell, and we ended up losing a lot of money. Which has already had an impact on our plans for over here, we are looking at what we need vs. what is a luxury, we are working on a budget at the moment and are also going to move into a smaller flat at the end of our lease. It is frustrating to say the least, not helped that I am temping for about half the money I was earning in London. I am sitting down with two of the consultants here later this afternoon though to see if they can offer any help. I was rejected for a middle manager PA role for the City of Melbourne today, which prompted me asking why from the experts here. In an ideal world I would work from home, writing for a living, but I still need to find that job. Going to do more research on that.

I am getting yet another cold/flu type thing, my chest is tight and I am stuffed full in my sinuses. It is getting beyond a joke really, I went to the chemist this morning and got some cough medicine, and as I left the lemsips and ibuprofen on the bench at home, some more of those too. I don’t feel ill, that is the frustrating thing, my throat is sore, I look like a hamster as my glands are up under my chin, but I feel ok. I can get a doctors appointment in the middle of the day, but that would mean me missing a morning from work, and when you temp, you get paid by the hour – I am on peanuts as it is, so can’t afford to miss it. *sigh* o woe is me…

We have a nice weekend planned though, Ney and I are going to look at wedding frocks, then going back to their house to play with the kids, Dan is going to tinker in his workshop and join us later, Lachy is working till 3. They are off to Palm Cove for a holiday on Sunday, and are really looking forward to it. On Sunday, Dan is popping into a cricket card fayre, he is trying to sell stuff not buy it and also there is a ‘sleb going, not one that I have heard of, I think he is a cricketer. After that we are taking a picnic out, but will be back for 5pm to watch the Grand Prix – but I will probably be having a nap instead. The Poison Dwarf has ruined car races for me, I love watching the V8s and bikes over here, but until he is no longer involved in F1, I will give it a miss.

Right my lunch break is up, off to brew a lemsip – joy, joy.

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