Wednesday – day by day, blow by blow account of the week

I am wearing my black and green shirt today, I don’t wear it very often, and I am not too sure why – as every time it is on, someone compliments me on it. I have had two already today. In fact I think it is the first time I have worn in Melbourne! I brought it from Next ages ago, and it is one of those that are made with material that gets softer with each wash, but still retains it shape. It hardly needs ironing at all, and is so comfy again I am wondering why I don’t wear it more.

It is a cold, grey day here, nowhere near the 26deg predicted. It rained for most of the night too, I have boots on and dashed out to get the tram with brolly held aloft; tote over one shoulder; handbag a la Victoria; clutching my book and bottle of water under my arm too. No wonder the guy sat in his car looked at me with such amazement, I always carry too much, try and do too many things at once and consequently at home quite often go into faff-mode-extraordinaire. Talk about a contrast at work, where I get my head down, do one thing at a time, unless the phone rings, and just get on with things. I know a few PAs that are hopeless at organising things at home, I think all our skills get used up and we turn into goofs when we cross the threshold, just want to put our jim-jams on with a glass of vino in our hands in front of a DVD.

Renee and I are off wedding dress shopping this weekend, vetoing shops so I can find a nice one to take Mum to when they are out. I cannot believe I have to psyche myself up for this trip, but shopping for clothes anyway is always interesting for me, being high waisted, wobbly in interesting areas and long of limb. But a wedding dress? Heck. I am going to be all Eckhart Tolle about it all and worry about it when it happens, but will have to look at the shops’ websites so I can see what they have for me to choose from. It would of course help if I knew what I wanted to wear!

My lap top is ready for collection, but needed an extra GB of memory to kick start it. I should collect it from Ney this weekend as well, so contacting y’all will be a lot easier when it is back home. As will updating my iPod etc. We need to return our DVD player though, it keeps freezing on us and doesn’t record what we ask it to. So we’ll venture out to replace it, we have given up trying to get Philips to talk to us about it on their customer helpline.

I am just thinking if I have anything to add, but I think I am pretty much there. Oh, I did find out that Dan doesn’t like The Producers, it was probably me singing along that did it. But either way, he has asked that I watch the rest of the film when he isn’t there. Altogether now ‘Springtime for Hitler in Germany’, ‘Don’t be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Nazi party!’, ‘Ven you got it, flaunt it, step right up and strut your stuff!’

What do you think..?

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