Get checked, please

This one is for the ladies. Make sure you have your cervical smears, don’t put it off because it is uncomfortable. Lovely, lovely Helen who started out an Army Wife with me, and became a good friend, passed away from cervical cancer at the end of February. I opened my emails this morning to learn from her devastated husband Barry, that she had passed.

In her 30s Helen leaves Barry, James her 7 year old son and a huge impact on everyone’s lives who she touched. She was funny, bubbly and full of energy, but stoic about her diagnosis and prognosis, emailing me her updates on how she was doing. I sent her some silk scarves to wear at the beginning of February, she loved them.

I can’t work today, so have come home to remember the fun times we had together, light a candle for her and let her know that she will always be remembered. Have my little weep for her, Barry and James and play ‘Under The Moon Of Love’ the song she wanted to set the tone for her funeral.

Rest in peace you gorgeous, funny girl.

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