Morning Morning

I am still in my dressing gown again, I am spending the second in three days in and out of bed reading, dozing and sleeping quite soundly until the bin-men wake me, the workshop next door wakes me, or I think my mouth feels like a budgie cage, really must have some fluid now.

Despite going to bed at 11ish, I stayed in bed till 11 this morning too, and most of it was asleep. I put another ‘Cat Who’ audio book on after DG left for work, this one is ‘The Cat Who Saw A Cardinal‘ I was also dreaming about Heston’s Fat Duck, as you do, and was trying to tell the people in my dream that they tested everything, found nothing and think that it was an airborne virus type thing that caused all the problems. Mainly because people who hadn’t eaten there were also coming down with the same symptoms. In my dream they kept talking over me, but then I woke up and realised it was my audio book prattling on next to me.

I have been out of bed now for just over an hour, and am going to go back in a minute, but have been checking online for the progress of Jade Goody, sending emails, catching up on Twitter, I am also installing Tweet Deck at the moment too. I will then have to work out how to use it. I also had some breakfast and just tried to call DG at work.

We had a brand new recycling bin delivered last week, that the biatches behind us filled up with their stuff. Today they have had one delivered to them. Shall we empty their stuff from our bin into their bin? Also with their rubbish, which is sitting in our bin and festering away, do we take it out and leave it on their doorstep? As it is full and we can’t put any more in? They drive me mad.

I am off, back to bed otherwise Antoinette will shout at me. You want to keep the person that cracks and aligns your neck on your side, otherwise it hurts…

What do you think..?

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