Bank Holiday Mondays

Or Public Holidays as they are called over here, either way – an extra lie-in getting up when you wake up vs the alarm, no contest! We surfaced around 8, Dan made me a coffee, which went cold next to me as I dozed till 10am (no siesta required then). But since we woke up we have been busy, we have cleaned the flat, proper spring cleaned it ready for our inspection on Thursday. Where the rain has blown in open windows, it was quite grim on the window sills since the fires, ash and dust cover everything it can reach.

We’ve also done the washing and ironing, Dan is running round with the dyson as I type and we also ducked out to get some groceries in too. Over the three day weekend we did some serious film watching: Watchmen at the cinema yesterday, Jour de Fete, Rebecca, 300, Phantom of the Opera, (“All I ask of you…”) and one we can’t remember on Friday. We are about to put another one on, as SBS are repeating Top Gear from when the Stig is black! So the only thing worth watching on Mondays, has disappeared. Oh, and I painted my toe nails ready for the week.

Anyhoo, this week looks like it won’t be as busy as the last couple. I am still temping, till the end of this week has been confirmed, and I am hoping it will continue on from there. We don’t have more than one night out this week too, we are off to listen to Eckhart Tolle tomorrow night. I went with DG to the motor show last week, so he said ages ago when we booked it that he would come with me. I have been looking forward to it, and I hope that Dan enjoys it too. I know I will, but I am in two minds to take notes or not, or just enjoy it. I will get a new notebook just in case (any excuse) I am also going to take A New Earth with me, I am hoping to get his autograph. But as they have moved the talk to another room due to demand, this is the first time he has spoken in Australia, I doubt if I will even get close to him. I am still going straight there from work though :D

The weather is changing, it is getting really quite cold at night, the quilt has gone back into the cover today. The summer was mostly bearable, except for the odd few days, but nothing like I thought it was going to be. I know we are in an air-con world, but walking around in the heat during the day was the bit I was worried about. We are heading into autumn, leaves are changing on the trees, it doesn’t smell like the UK in autumn though. I could never make my mind up which was my favourite season in the UK. I loved autumn for the trees changing from green to red to brown, the smell of bonfires, pine cones and horse chestnuts, getting my scarves and gloves out the cupboard, pink apple cheeks and long walks kicking leaves along in front of you. Over here, I am not too sure what it will smell like, whether that I will be able to recognise the changes as readily as Dan does, being brought up here. I hope I learn them, it will help with any remaining last sense of dislocation.

I don’t miss the UK, I do miss Aged Ps, family and friends, but I am only getting regular emails from a few people now, contact has definitely tailed off which while is sad is to be expected. I know what it is like to be busy, I am also lap-top less so my contact list is away being fixed with everything else that is on it, which doesn’t help. I wish I had more time to email everyone, so I try to compensate with my Aussie Emales and blogging for you. I hope it is enough. I am only over here, it isn’t that far really, not really. When I talk to Mum and Dad weekly, which is more than I did in Portsmouth, it is clear as anything.

I better close now, I will let you know how tomorrow goes later this week. Have a great March everyone.

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