TFI Friday

forgot to upload yesterdays email to me this morning, so you are going to get a couple in one day again – sorry folks. We had a great time at the football last night, we met at the station, walked up to Wagamama’s and had a nice dinner and beer. We crossed the city to … More TFI Friday


We are off to the football tonight (Thursday), but I won’t get a chance to put this up online until Friday, so the daily updates will be missed slightly. I am doing my best to witter on at you as much as I can, so I hope you appreciate it, I don’t even know if … More Thursday


I was irritable and grumpy this morning, Dan was watching me eat breakfast and I can remember feeling it was like being under a microscope. His behaviour wasn’t any different to normal, but I just felt hypersensitive. Making a cup of tea at work this morning, I sat back down at my computer and realised … More Tuesday


I struggled at the Quakers yesterday. There was a man who was breathing so heavily, had he been on the end of a telephone, he would have been arrested. My mind wouldn’t stop whirring, hearing words from articles I had read online that morning, “thinking, thinking”, it wouldn’t shut off. I concentrated on my breath, … More Quakers

Get checked, please

This one is for the ladies. Make sure you have your cervical smears, don’t put it off because it is uncomfortable. Lovely, lovely Helen who started out an Army Wife with me, and became a good friend, passed away from cervical cancer at the end of February. I opened my emails this morning to learn … More Get checked, please