I am sorry for the lack of updates, you would think that me being out of a permanent role would mean that I would have more time on my hands, but if anything I have less! I am temping for the Recruitment Agency that I met with last week, I am already busier than I was before; the projects team I am helping has more phone calls, emails and in general things going on than the whole company I was working at.

So while I know I owe an ‘Aussie E-Male’, need to apply for some jobs I found in the paper last weekend, with this weekend’s paper out right round the corner, this week I have been flat out with DG’s birthday Monday, starting the role Tuesday, meeting Matt for dinner last night (more in a minute) and then going food shopping, tidying up, making lunches etc tonight, Matt is staying over tomorrow, I am volunteering on Saturday there is a motor show on Sunday we want to go to after Quakers and we are going to try and get to the cinema again on Sunday night too. It is all go, situation normal.

Yesterday we met Matt in Young & Jacksons, home of Chloe but I really don’t recommend the ladies loos – they are grim. Sitting upstairs it is quieter, I was listening to a Jill Bolte Taylor podcast and feeling all was well with the world waiting for Dan, when Bill Hunter came in. He is a great actor, has been in The Dish, Strictly Ballroom, Gallipoli, Muriel’s Wedding and loads of other things. He was in Priscilla the film and in the stage show that only just closed in Melbourne. When Matt arrived, I went over to him (as you do) and said:

Excuse me, but we are leaving now and if I don’t talk to you I will kick myself for the rest of my life. I just wanted to say thank you because you are in some of my favourite films and I think you are a wonderful actor.

BH – That is lovely you, I am Bill what is your name? (Stands up shakes my hand)

Me – Thank you, have a great evening.

Walked away feeling very chuffed, Mum and I used to go to the Stage Door of the Devonshire Park Theatre to say thank you whenever we went to a show there. I miss that a lot. We would go and see all sorts of things, whatever was on at the time, it was great fun.

Any hoo, my coffee is getting cold so will toddle off tomorrow. TTFN

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