Tomorrow is Dan’s birthday, so I have taken great pleasure in spoiling him this weekend. Primarily with food! We started off on Friday with him having a chocolate milkshake, I had some ice cream, yesterday we had pancakes at the Pancake Parlour, we went to the cinema, saw Changeling, which was very good, we came home pottered about the house and had a carpet picnic, today we are off out to Port Melbourne for a walk and a beer in a hostelry.

We are still not having a huge amount of carbs, although the above paragraph would belay that, but we have factored in the carbs for this weekend and will dump them again from tomorrow morning.

I went to the Quakers this morning, Dan went to a collectibles fair where he picked up some cricket cards and pictures. He had a great time, I did too, but found it funny at the amount of people that were dozing in the middle of the hour today. I was concentrating on my breathing, tuning into to ‘in’ ‘out’ to still my mind when Dorothy stood up to speak and startled me so much I jumped. Much to the amusement of Carlos who was sat next to me. I settled back down and was concentrating again on my breathing, (by far the easiest way for me to meditate as the last breath you took is not the one you think about, the next one isn’t there yet so I have to focus but on this breath). I was also asking for people to sleep well, primarily Isabel, Barbara, Helen and Jade.

We are off out now, so will close but wanted to leave you with this found in my drinks bottle lid today:
Earth is not round. It is slightly pear-shaped.
So when things go a bit wrong, does that mean we say it is going ‘Earth Shaped’ from now on?

What do you think..?

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