Brisbane Bound

We are having a frivolous weekend this weekend. We are off on the equivalent of a European City break, but flying for 2 hours to go to Brisbane. The main reason behind it, is to get a steak at the Breakfast Creek Hotel, Dan asked me what I wanted for my birthday last year, I said I’d like a steak there. So we are splitting our birthdays, he booked the flights, I’ve booked the hotel and we fly tomorrow night, coming back Sunday evening.

As the weather in Melbourne is going to hit 43 on Saturday, I am quite pleased not to be in the flat. We are trying to work out how we can break the lease, but the rental agent (despite us requesting blinds/curtains/aircon/anything to help with the building overheating since November) maintain that we need to pay for the advertising and pay the lease until someone moves in. Maybe it is just me, but if someone asks for help or needs something that comes under my remit at work, I do it! We are relying on the rental agency to be an advocate on our behalf, but they get paid by the landlord through our rent, so who are they going to look after more? One good thing we have found out though, the landlord cannot just turn up un-announced, which he has done three times, but there is a form we can fill in and lodge to complain about him. So that will be done and sent off. We can also appeal directly to a government department if we need any repairs or maintenance done, if we don’t hear from the landlord within 14 days, they can force an inspection. We have masses of paperwork to read through and understand, when we have looked at all our options then we will act on it. Until then, we have the air con on a time coming on at 2pm, so it can cool our bedroom down through the afternoon. We went to Target yesterday and brought some cheap bed sheets (2 brown, 1 black) and have pinned them to the window frames. This cut out all the OCD light that I have been flustered about last night.

But, despite me taking a sleeping tablet, I was still awake at odd times as Dan couldn’t sleep, he was too hot, then too cold, then fidgeting. If I can’t sleep (unlikely, but even with the hot weather) I just lie there, trying to doze. I don’t get up and down, pace around the room or give a running commentary on what is happening. I love him, but I wish if he couldn’t sleep, he would just disappear from the room and leave me alone! Don’t come between me and my zzzz’s. It isn’t worth the rath of Maddie.

This morning I had to blow dry my hair ready for my review: I am still getting to grips with blow-drying, let alone the hair straighteners I brought at the beginning of the year after Sue cut my barnet. Everyone say’s it looks nice today, but I have a bit of a Farrah Fawcett wispy, flick thing going on. Plus my fringe hangs in my eyes, and won’t stay where I put it, as my hair grows forward on my head. Oh, the things I waffle on about to you. It is now tucked behind my ears, ready for an afternoon of paperwork.

My review went ok, considering I had someone else sprung on me at the last minute, so didn’t sit down with just the person I was expecting. They were also surprised when I mentioned the atmosphere in the office too. The other PAs I work with are amazed, as they have all mentioned it on their reviews too. Makes you wonder what will have to happen before it gets addressed. I know that when I find another job, I will lay it out exactly in writing why I am leaving. But I bet they still won’t do anything about it. Men, they drive me mad.

What do you think..?

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