Ice packs and paddling pools

You know it is hot when: your next door neighbour sits in a paddling pool with an ice lolly in your courtyard.

You know it is hot when: I had to sit on the floor, legs bent, minimum skin contact on anything, with ice blocks in strategic areas. Normally you can’t hold them for long without your hands hurting, I had a big one on my belly against my legs, one around my neck and I was still sweating.

It got to 45º in the living room yesterday, two candles my parents had given me that I have had for ages and couldn’t bear to light as they were so pretty, melted into a blob. I have put every other candle that could slide away to nothing in the frigging fridge. My iPod screen is all rainbow colours, food is going off in the larder and my vitamins if they are capsules are all now a frog-spawn shaped blob in the bottles.

Dan and I both emailed the rental agency yesterday, and as yet have no reply. I am volunteering at Interchange tomorrow, but Sunday when Dan is playing cricket, I am starting to pack boxes. We have had enough, not of the weather – you can’t do anything about that, but the lack of action when we have raised this issue with them, time and again; plus the problems we have had getting the bills and phone connected; along with the unannounced visits from the landlord. This is something we can action.

I am sitting at my desk, hiding from the heat, although a couple of people have peeped outside and decided that yes, this is the hottest they have known it (goes without saying that every day this week at work, it has been the hottest I have been in on an incremental sliding scale). I did start reading my book, then thought I need to get back in the habit of letting you all know what we are getting up to over here.

Last night when Dan arrived home, saw me on the floor with said ice packs, when I showed him the candles and he saw how upset I was over them (I know they are only candles) he phoned Lachy and asked if we could stay there for the night. They have evaporative cooling, the house wasn’t really cold – Lachy warned us, but it was still a lot cooler than the flat. We slept properly, well and although I woke up a few times, the night seemed to last for ages.

We are packing up more stuff today when we get back, and are going back to them tonight. We have a chicken for dinner there already, so we can take some more bits with us to add to it, take my picnic for the morning, and off we will go. I will have an early night if I can, make the most of a well sprung bed, cool sheets and no noises outside!

Interchange were planning to take the group I am helping out with to the beach tomorrow, but speaking to them today we are going to go somewhere with air-conditioning! I won’t have access to the lap top till we get back tomorrow night, so keep your fingers crossed the cool change will come in so the temperature drops to 35º. If it does that, it may be bearable at home.

Toodles, have a good weekend.

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