It ain’t half hot Mum

We are on day 2 of a week long hot spot that is making the headlines around the world because some tennis players are keeling over courtside. Except Roger Federa (probably spelt wrong, sorry) who blasted through his 3 sets in 80 minutes, leaving the opponent wondering what the hell happened I would imagine.

We brought an air conditioning unit last night, Dan hauled it up the stairs, no mean feat in itself, and it chugged away all night. He was advised that this was a quieter one, after listening to it all night, I wondered what the noisy one would be like. We have had to move into the back bedroom while we use it, as the hose needs to go out a window, there is only a skylight in the room we normally sleep in. Landlord (read tightwad) is buying a blind for that window, but won’t add outside blinds to the windows to cool it down. I only hope that when we move out, the estate agent shows people round on a broiling hot day and it sits empty for months, bwhahahaha.

I am trying not to be sarcastic and catty, but I am so fed up at work it is hard not to be disillusioned in my outside life, it is rolling over. I am sitting at my desk, breathing deeply and calmly, thinking happy thoughts, keep your fingers crossed I get my equilibrium back. I had it nicely on Sunday afternoon after the Quakers and the gym, had it all day Monday (Australia Day) when Dan and I were out on a picnic, but getting lunch ready and sorting clothes out for the morning and I can feel the funk creeping back over me. I am trying to remain focussed, but hecky thump it is hard work.

On a brighter work note though, I am the roving PA looking after surplus work loads, so in the past 2 weeks have looked after 4 advisors. It means I spend most of the day not knowing my a$$ from my elbow, but I am busy. Still mind numbingly boring work, but at least the day goes quicker.

My chiropractor Antoinette is so pleased with me, I don’t need to see her for three weeks, she is very happy with my progress, but if she saw how I was sitting would rearrange me, so I will rearrange myself now. I don’t know if it has anything to do with going to the gym as I am mostly doing CV work, I started weights last week, but it was a bit testosterone overload in the free weights section, so will see how that goes. I can do the exercises at home if needs be, it’s just like being in a Gwynneth/Madonna yoga class though as it is 34º in the living room.

Um, not sure what else to report really. We are waiting to hear about something, so will let you know more when we do. Other than that, it has been a quiet week. I went out for drinks after work on Friday, and got a bit tipsy, nursed a hangover on Saturday morning, pottered round the flat in the afternoon, Dan played his first cricket match with Wesley and did really well. He got 49 runs, 2 catches and 2 run outs, was made man of the match and wore a grin I’ve not seen for a while as he came up the stairs. I skyped with Wiz on Saturday afternoon too. I talked with Mum, Dad and Patrick on Sunday after we came back from dinner with Ross and Leonie. We went to a Ghurka restaurant, it was the same smell that I lived next to in Winchester, which is fine in a restaurant, but not in your living room 24/7. The pictures of Australia Day are on FB, and when I have tidied the desk up I will take photos of the living room for you, I need to move some of the books from it to the book case in the back bedroom, but I am umming and ahing about whether to move us into there permanently. I know you don’t really need to know where our bed is, but people mutter that they want to know what I am up to – and this is what I am up to!

We spent most of Monday walking up and down hills, so I vetoed the gym on Tuesday, so am going up today. I still have tight calves, so it could be interesting but I will get there. On Sunday I found a different programme in my podcasts, still intense interval training, but I never knew just 16 minutes could hurt so much. Walking up the stairs to the flat, I had to concentrate to get up them. Owee, and I won’t be doing that one today, that will be an alternative once every couple of weeks or so.

I think you are now up-to-date. Will let you know more about what we have planned for Aged Ps visit in April tomorrow.

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