Another week whizzing by

Today is due to hit 37 degrees, with Wednesday hitting 39. We are having extremes of weather all over the continent this week, with the northern tropics having a cyclone hit over the past few days. It has been downgraded to a storm now, but there were two very contrasting opinions on the news last night. One lady was in tears, devastated at the damage to her home, another man was stoic saying that when you live in the tropics this is what you have to expect from time-to-time. The main road into the area by Cairns had been washed away, cutting off the community’s supplies, it has been hastily mended to enable vehicles to get through but with heavy warnings that there are still at least two more days of rain forecast and that driving could be hazardous.

I love watching the weather over here, on the national news they have to try and predict accurately across a country that is so large it would be like the dippy weather bints on ITV predicting Istanbul and Moscow’s weather as well as Tonbridge Wells. We watch ABC2 in the morning, it’s like Breakfast News in the UK, but it’s a relatively new programme as it is ABCs new digital channel. They are having a few teething problems, last week they were going to a satellite picture for the weather, but the picture that popped up instead was Amélie Mauresmo in mid swing, mid grunt and with teeth baring, not the most flattering picture of her. The weather girl nearly corpsed, but carried on, with just the odd giggle breaking through. This morning on the newspaper review they had the camera zooming into read a little article, when the pundit whipped it away before it was shown properly, leaving a lingering close up on the female presenter’s boobs. In an effort to cut away quickly they went to the sports presenter, who was shrugging into his jacket, realised he was on camera and grinned at us sheepishly. It was interesting and entertaining viewing!

Our new morning routine is working out well, so I will endeavour to do another life in the day of for you, now we have settled down. All these blogs I keep promising for you, but as it will be so hot at lunchtime, I am not going outside, and I am a delicate English Rose after all. :D

Talking of English roses, how much did you love Kate Winslett’s speech apologising to the other nominees at the Golden Globes ‘Oh God, who was the other one? Angelina, I’m sorry!’ bless her. The two films that she has won the awards for are receiving much critical acclaim over here, unlike Jim Carey’s ‘Yes Man’. Most are “No Man” reviews, poor boy. We have a list of films we want to see, headed by Frost/Nixon, Benjamin Button, Secret Life Of Bees and Seven Pounds. We are endeavouring to get to the cinema, but as always run out of time. They don’t show them for very long over here either, at least not the sensible films, but if it is a blockbuster like Terminator 28 it will be on for bluddy ages.

I am going to post this now, as I have lost my train of thought. No surprise there then.

What do you think..?

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