Thursday twitterings

I had my very own version of a Far Side cartoon yesterday. I was walking to work from the station and was bimbling along nicely next to Fawkner Park. 4 common Myna birds were standing together in a square, bobbing their heads at each other – when I was nearly level with them, they all moved off in seperate directions, like they had been called at a ceilidh. It made me smile then, and still does thinking about it now. Walking from the station only takes 15-20 minutes, depending on how long I get caught at the lights on Punt Road.

Sorry folks, I didn’t have as long at lunchtime as I thought I had, as I wanted a walk round the park today. So I will finish this for your reading pleasure (or not as the case maybe) now.

My first week back at work, and I feel like I have never been away again. Monday and Tuesday I managed to retain my mellow post holiday feeling, it’s the end of the week now and I am gagging for a lie in on Sunday. Tomorrow, Dan and Ross are going into the country to look at a workshop of one of Ross’ colleagues, they are able to rescue some of his old tools to take home with them. Ross is coming over for breakfast at 7am so they can get an early start, so our alarm will go off at 6am as normal. I am off to my Interchange Induction day tomorrow from 9-12 so will be out as well; then I’m off to the gym and will read in the afternoon if DG isn’t back.

This is going to sound daft, but we have written on the calendar ‘flat jobs’ and broken down the housework into days, so we do a bit through the week, leaving the weekends free, except for ironing as I always iron on Sundays. We both like being home on Sunday afternoons, for different reasons. Me so I can have a snooze :P DG so he can just potter about in the flat. I don’t really know what he potters over, but he pads around quite happily.

I met some of the Interchange volunteers last night, mostly young women, no surprise there, they were lovely. I had a great evening with them, I enjoyed talking to new people and hope that I will be working with some of them in future. I don’t know what group I will be working with, there are 10 different groups, split across age ranges, abilities and behaviours, we’ll find out more tomorrow. Will keep you posted, when I tell people in the UK what I am doing, I have had a few comments back that they want me to keep you updated.

Thank heavens for the internet and blogs, can you imagine the amount of writing paper I’d be going through, never mind the writer’s cramp!

On the tram on the way home yesterday I was watching the world go by trying not to sing along to Take That’s new album on my iPod; we can leave rubbish out the front of our houses on the grass on specific days (called nature strip over here, not much nature but hey ho) and it will be collected, sorted, recycled and so on. I saw probably the oddest collection of items and got the giggles. A lampshade, toasted sandwich press and one metal hoover tube, what about the rest of it? Although, it is called a vacuum over here. You don’t do the hoovering, you vacuum. I can’t think of anything else where a brand name has become a verb for the action, you certainly don’t dyson, although technically we do (and it’s scary). You don’t Nescafe, or OXO, or Tesco. iPods and Apple are under stick though, as you download podcasts, not talkcasts or radiocasts, so get subliminal advertising everytime it is mentioned.

I can’t think of anything else for you at the moment, I know I still need to cover Christmas for y’all so will get that typed up for you over the weekend, while it is still vaguely near it. At least it is cold over there, we are revving up for a 35+ degree day next week, that will be fun in our flat – not.

Have a good weekend, I will also be catching up on emails this weekend too. Particularly to Sara as she’s been a poorly girl, so much love to her – and a hug too.

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