Theme of 2008 – looking to 2009

Theme of growth for 2008:
Moving on, moving up and moving out. Leaving the UK was never going to be an easy decision, but in the end, being at the airport with Mum and Dad was surprisingly easy. I learnt that while I will be missed by my family and friends, they were also happy for me to live my life, for me. I was allowed and given permission to follow the instincts that I felt were right for me. I chose to leave the UK; I knew that I had lived there long enough, that I had grown too big to live there and that I needed to start afresh in a new place. Moving again in the UK would not settle me, when Dan and I came over in April to look at the city, places to live and his job interview, I knew that I would be happy in Melbourne, I loved the city, the river going through the middle of the city – not quite the Thames, but the distinct division it gives the buildings. I love the green (usually brown!) parks, the people charging past me on skates, boards, bikes, the couple we saw taking a picnic to the park, mid-week. I know that all of these things are available in the UK, but I didn’t belong there anymore.

I also had to make several changes inside me; I needed to be ready to leave my parents and brother behind. Moving 10,000 miles away will not be easy should anything go wrong, but I can only live one day at a time, if I have learnt one thing over the past few years – there is only one day and it is the one I am living now.

One thing I am still beating myself up about:
Come back to that later, I will need to think about it.

What did I accomplish last year that made me feel good about myself and how did I celebrate?
I met my boy in Melbourne airport, cried all over him and we haven’t stopped celebrating and relishing each other’s company ever since.

How was 2008 perfect for me? What happened that forced me to wake up and see my life clarity and truth?
I moved, I am happy in my skin, I gave myself permission to get to Australia, then look at what I want to do next. Today I spent two hours writing down what I wanted, how to get there and what I had done when I followed my own instincts – that made my life better. Using the getting ‘warmer’ getting ‘colder’ to guide what I truly feel, I will continue to live my best life.

What do you think..?

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