Boxing Day test, day 2

I will let you know about Christmas day and Boxing day tomorrow – ar$e about face I know, but today Dan, Matt and I have been to (in take of breath and hold in reverence) The G! AKA Melbourne Cricket Ground, home of the MCC, Melbourne Cricket Club this time, complete with Long Room and ladies not being let in there until 1983, and allowed to join in 1984.

We hopped on the tram, then the train, were there in 20 mins, and arrived in time for me to swoon over Andrew Symonds in the nets warming up. That is one fine figure of a man, he’s half Jamaican, 6′ something and is as fit as a fiddle, with pecs to match. I was quite happy with my eye candy today thank you!

We saw: 11 wickets, 302 runs, people dressed up as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a gaggle of men in mankinis *shudder*, lots of yellow and green shirts, some dodgey fake tans, two very well dressed elderly men carrying burgers back to their seats in the members lounge, and considering you never know what you are going to get at a test match day in the middle of it all, really good cricket. Brett Lee couldn’t hit a barn door with his bowling at the moment, and was painful to watch, and while Symonds is the team, people were pointing out yesterday on the radio and TV that he isn’t necessarily the 6th best batsmen in the country, so why, if he wasn’t bowling, was he still in the team, as he is picked as an all rounder. Well, for the one catch he took today would be a good reason, he is so good in the field Richie Benaud thinks he is the equivalent of three cricketers. You could ask the same question of Brett Lee or Matthew Hayden who managed to get close to the ball twice, to pick it up to pass it to the bowler.

For a girl, I know far too much about cricket.

Any hoo, we had a great day and while you need to ignor the zinc he always wears in the field:


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