Christmas Eve

Well, it is Christmas Eve. My parents, brother and sister in law are in the UK, Liz, Jim and the kids are in Florida, Erika and Ian are in Canada, and I am over here with Dan and our family. Never have the most important people in my life have been flung so far apart. I am not feeling Christmassy; I am blaming the decidedly sunny weather and warmth. The guys at work have been bestowing presents on us, I have a desk littered with chocolate and cookies, I also looked at the Gresham photos of their Christmas party with all my past colleagues and friends in them, wondering where I was. In hindsight I should have looked at them at home, not here but I think I would have still bee hit by a wave of emotion at one point today anyway.

I need to get some more things for DG, so will quickly do a bit of shopping on the way home. We had planned to pack and get everything ready to go last night, but watched a film instead, it was a lovely evening but the house looks like a bombsite, we have no idea what to wear tomorrow, or what to pack or anything. Leaving it to the last minute is not usually what I like doing, but I am hoping the sudden flurry of activity will spur me on. I can remember going to Langney Shopping Centre on Christmas eve, years and years ago, with Mum. We had to get something last minute, and popped into Martins the Newsagents (remember them). There was a teenage girl looking miserable, taking their decorations down, because they’d obviously been told to – but that was one peculiar Christmas, and I think this will be another one for me.

We watched Stranger Than Fiction, with Will Ferrell, Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman and Maggie Gyllenhall. It was a lovely, gentle film, one that you wouldn’t think Hollywood would make – every so often they produce these little gems, that remind you there is more than just blockbusters. Dan cried at the end of it, he is so not your typical Aussie male, and for that (and so many other reasons) I am grateful, that he is happy enough to, and we can get caught up in stories so that your real life disappears for a bit while you follow the story of someone else’s.

I won’t be taking my laptop with me this afternoon, so for those of you who read this who I don’t have your home addresses, or emails – Merry Christmas.

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