Getting festive

I have made my second batch of mince pies, the first ones were using a new recipe and were not good, this lot went into work with me today. I also made some honeycomb using Nigella’s recipe, I split it with Dan’s work and mine and it is going down a treat. I am making Christmas puddings next week, keep your fingers crossed they work in the oven, although this batch of pies came out really well. They are not full on, boil in a pudding basin pies, as much as I would like to do them, I don’t have a recipe that is gluten free for me to partake of. I will attempt to find a little one I can have on Christmas though. The ones I am making are to be included in the hampers we are making up for people this year. I saw the recipe on ‘Fresh’ which is the Australian Woman’s Weekly cooking programme, and nearly always leaves me with my mouth watering when I watch it.

Anyway, I went up the gym again last night and completed my programme for the first time since I started going. I couldn’t walk down the stairs without my knees shaking, but I did it. The bikes at this gym are a nightmare, as soon as you stop cycling the bluddy things switches off, so when I am doing my recovery sets on my interval training, I have to try and keep cycling slowly, while turning down the resistance at the same time. I haven’t managed to find out how far I have cycled yet, and I am in no fit state with my heart rate up where it is to try and do mental arithmatic to keep score on my kms.

The changing rooms at the gym are really small, one lady and I kept bumping into each other last night. I am also not too sure of etiket yet over here, I get funny looks when I get changed or come out the shower with my towel round me. But I get wringing wet when I exercise: there is no way I can go outside without having a shower and changing into normal clothes. It is also why I very rarely exercise at lunchtimes, I am so hot and bothered afterwards I drip all over my desk – lovely.

Better close for now, more later.

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