Le weekend

It has been a wet one, we have had the most amount of rain in 36 hours for over 2 years. People have had to be evacuated from their homes, trees have been felled, there are flood warnings, but the reservoirs %s have gone up by 0.2%, so we are up to 32.4% full. I think, it was on the news this afternoon, I am not far out with the number.

We were going to go to Portsie with Ross and Leonie today to a reunion for Ross, but he is unwell so Dan and I have been mucking about in the flat again, we went for a walk – see photos on FB and had a small dinner out on a balcony watching the world go by and working out what to do with the millstone, commonly known as the flat in the UK.

Yesterday I went into Malvern to go to the chiropractor and get my eyes tested, Dan got called into work as water was dripping into an electrical socket – never a good thing, I did some shopping and got a bit damp round the edges, nice bouffant hair for the afternoon. Dan met me in the middle of Glenferrie road, literally as he was in the car, we drove home had some lunch, tumbled the towels in the laundrette over the road, picked up some flowers for Ney for her birthday on Monday and drove down to Cranbourne.

Lachy had the children as Cassy is in the Barossa for the weekend with friends, they helped cook dinner standing on chairs at the stove – I didn’t take my camera with me, but they were really sweet. Piper put some make up, only pretend tween make up, Lachy asked if she knew what a trollop was. Much laughing all round, when she nodded. Ney had been out at a Tupperware party, so as soon as she got in we ate, we then sat round the table and talked for ages after dinner, Dan and Lachy were booking tickets to watch the Boxing Day test at the MCG online. We can’t get into the Members room on Boxing Day, but can do the second day, which means frock alert…

Today we were woken with a text from Leonie saying that Ross was poorly, Dan got up, left me in bed (he’s a good boy) while I dozed and listened to the radio. I say listened, I kept missing bits of news items I wanted to hear as I was sleeping more than listening. When I surfaced, I had a shower and breakfast then did something I wanted to do for a long time. I went to a Quaker meeting.

I have been emailing one of the elders at the house for a couple of weeks, who were very nice to me on arrival, indeed most of them were except for one lady (American) who was just back from 4 years living in the UK and proceded to tell me how awful it was, how the roads are so confusing, how the parking is terrible, how she couldn’t navigate anywhere; she then started complaining about the bathroom she was having installed, that it will take me at LEAST five years for me to get settled over here. I was rescued at this point by the librarian who was giving me some books to read on the whole shebang. I will report back, not too sure what I am feeling, whether the Christianity of it all will bother me, but at my first meeting I didn’t think I could explain that I am more spiritual than Christian. I am going there for the hour concentrated silence more than anything else, they believe that everything you need is within you, and if the past 3-4 years have taught me anything, it is that.

I came back, announced I was all religed up for the week and what did he want to do for the rest of the day? We decided that we would go for a walk, now it has stopped raining, but that we should get the Christmas tree up first. I ran around with the hoover, Dan tidied up his cricket stuff, re-packing it all into his coffin, he put his bag away – should anyone be short of luggage, we probably have it in the linen cupboard. So we are starting the week with a clean flat, I will iron later, I may put It’s A Wonderful Life on to really get in the festive spirit, I need to make a salad for the week, Dan is all smug as he made his lunch rolls for tomorrow when he made lunch for today. I am, again, bone tired and could do with an early night. I wouldn’t mind but I slept 11 hours last night. I need to get up the gym three times next week, I think it is because I am not doing much physical activity that I am so worn out. I need to get my body moving around and about.

On a different note, I have changed who I look after at work – hurrah. I no longer look after someone who doesn’t have much to do, I am looking after someone who has too much to do, so between Jenny and I we are going to be busy. Thank goodness, we have our Christmas lunch this Friday, roast turkey and all the trimmings, let’s hope it isn’t a broiling hot summers day. My world is upside down and it confuses the hell out of me, so no change from normal then huh?

Right, I have run out of things to witter to you about, so will now close and head into the kitchen to make my salad. Have a good week peeps.

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