Oliver Postgate – how do we thank you?

One of the last bastions of good children’s programming on TV has sadly passed away. It didn’t make the papers over here, but my daily check on UK news highlighted it yesterday, and made me feel sad. Here is the lovely Times obit: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/obituaries/article5312941.ece

Bagpuss is one of my favourites, as is Ivor The Engine, I can remember getting up early to watch re-runs of the Clangers too, my Dad being excited they were showing them all over again so Patrick and I could watch them. Before the days of video and DVD made watching your favourites easier.

Before I left the UK I brought the full series of Bagpuss, Ivor The Engine, Mr Benn, The Flumps, to accompany me over here. Along with Wil’o’ The Wisp, Trumpton, Chigley and other programmes from when we were very young I can watch all of these over and over again. I am not too sure what children of today that are brought up on Bratz would make of them, but I know that when and if I get round to having tiddly winks the poor things are going to feel deprived of normal Aussie children’s TV, like the Wiggles. They are certainly not watching Barney. They will be parked in front of my DVDs, so they can watch programmes without feeling pressured to buy anything, not that they will be parked in front of the TV that often, that is the plan anyway.

I am doing my first trial run on mince pies either tonight or tomorrow night, so keep your fingers crossed for the oven, (it took 4 hours to cook a joint of beef remember?!). I am also going to try and persuade the Bah-humbug I live with to buy an ickle tree, it is summer over here, so I need all the help I can to feel festive! It should be pointed out that he doesn’t want it up as we are not in the flat on Christmas Eve or Day, not that he is a miserable git.

Dan is playing for Wesley on Saturday, I have to see my Chiro and get my eyes tested (not at the same time as it could be painful) so I may have to miss this game and be a domestic goddess instead. I also need to buy a Secret Santa present, start shopping for DG and I really must sort out presents for the UK, I know I keep saying that but they are all going to be ethical, feel good ones as nearly everyone I know is away for Christmas.

I am not up to the gym tonight, I am leaving work early for a doctors appointment, I need some more stuff for my eczema, jolly dee. We had a bit of an error this morning, I asked DG to set the alarm for 6.10, it had been going off at 6.30 and the pair of us then have to leap out of bed and get going, we like lying there coming to slowly spooning each other. We don’t know what he did last night, but I woke up thinking ‘It’s light in here’ it was 7.00 – eek. In shower, out again, dressed, barnet clamped down with gunk (reminds me need more gunk), hustle out the door all in 20 minutes. Dan packed my fruit into my tote, got the car out the garage and facing the right way, then dropped me off at the station. I actually ended up in the building, with a coffee, earlier than I did yesterday when I caught the tram, I did my make up in the loos, for those that have seen me without it, I do need to be coloured in of a morning. The train is quicker, but when I fancy a read, or have a lot to carry, the tram is door-to-door. The trials and tribulations of having a small commute, if I had woken up at 7.00 in Portsmouth, I would be really late to work as the train I should have been on would be approaching Woking by then!

Alice called me today on my mobile, she wanted to say hi and see if I had any work to do, cheeky moo. As it was, I did. Kylie and I who sit opposite each other are both in the same boat, we are yet to find a happy medium here, we either have nothing or about 3 really big tasks to do at the same time. Frustrating. We all had our reviews this morning, I didn’t have to prepare anything, but they did ask me how I was getting on, so I told them I am bored and needed more things to do, although I do appreciate that I am still learning the procedures. Will keep you posted, they are convinced I am soon going to be really busy all day. I won’t hold my breath…


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