Poorly sick, unclean, unclean

I woke up this morning after a restless, and cold, nights sleep to flashing lights and my right eye half shut, which is never a good sign and often a precursor of a stonking great migraine. I took some tablets, crawled back into bed after chucking an extra blanket on top of it and slept all morning till 11am. I called work at 8 to say I wasn’t feeling great, but that if I could I would get in later. When I woke up I was still wooly headed, but able to function on some semblance of normality (for me anyway) so I went into work. Sitting on the tram, I was again subjected to a gaggle of odd-bods; I seem to be collecting people who are talking to themselves, can’t wash or use deodorant, stare at me or my personal favourite – the man clinging on to the pole by the drivers’ door for grim death, glaring at people who got on the tram, glaring at people who got off the tram, glaring at people on the tram.

I didn’t have much to do again on my arrival at work, but they seemed pleased to see me. Dan hasn’t been sleeping well for about the past week, and last night he didn’t think he slept at all. He’s going to do some shopping for me on the way home, (I emailed him a list) then he is going back to bed, which is unusual for him, but he was feeling cold last night and hasn’t been well today either so maybe he has a bug or something. Lovely blog for you here, sorry folks.

We’d had a great weekend too, I need update you all on his cricketing situation so will do that, but we spent all day Saturday and Sunday together. This really is what I have wanted all my life, just to be happy in each other’s company. We pottered about the flat, hoovering and washing, did a bit of shopping on Friday night, but all the time we’re just relaxed and mellow with each other. We don’t have to talk all the time, we are just happy to read the papers over breakfast or a coffee, it is simply lovely being with him. On Saturday Dan made French Toast with veggiemite with me sat at the breakfast bar reading bit out from the paper to him, we then chose some houses to look at that were open for inspection, there was also an auction down the road from us we went to that to be nosey on what went on (not a lot as it was overpriced). We also had to buy our webcam and a radio for the living room, we zoomed about over town criss-crossing ourselves to make the times for the ‘open for inspections’, stopping off at Central Park (it is in Malvern) for coffee, sadly the coffee shop was Juzt Blue, not Central Perk which is probably trademarked any way.

Dan is in bed, alternating hot and cold and his stomach feels like a washing machine, he’s just asked for a cold washcloth on his head – so I know he is properly poorly, he never asks for one unless he is uncomfortable. So Florence Nightingale is going to sign off for now, but leave you with this email from Jim which had me laughing out loud on the tram this morning:

“We got up at 4:30am today to go out on a MINI run. Meet up was at 7am in Surrey, but as he hadn’t been there after dark before, the bloke organising the run didn’t realise it was the local dogging spot! Fortunately although we were there first, the fact there was a family in our car made it fairly obvious that we weren’t there for the usual activities…… These activities were promptly ruined over the next 15 minutes by the arrival of 12 MINIs!”

Can you imagine the poor perverts of Surrey not getting their rocks off in a lay-by, the must have been really pi$$ed off!


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