What a difference a weekend makes

I feel like a different person. Literally, I am sat at work, still don’t have anything to do, the most important thing I have done is finish my letter off to Liz, hardly work related is it? But I am stoic about not being busy, and am trying to concentrate on other things. Maria has gone home poorly, so I am at reception, I have a book I can read, I brought You Can Heal Your Life with me today. I am trying to get my spiritual quest back on track after letting it de-rail somewhat over the past month or so.

Dan and I had a great weekend, we achieved a lot in the house insofar that we are uptodate with washing and ironing, we have lunches sorted for the week and have started our healthy eating plan for the summer. It is officially the summer over here now, and it being the 1st of the month a good time to start weeding out the not-so-healthy parts of our diet that have crept in on us. Now we are both home by 6pm *dances the conga round the lobby* I can help out with the cooking and meal planning through the week, sort my lunches out the night before, be able to exercise and have a social life. As oppose to eating, laying clothes out and crashing.

We saw Billy Joel on Saturday, met up with Ross & Leonie for dinner beforehand, I had a whale of a time, singing along to all the songs he played (much to the lady who was sat next to me surprise as I was half her age), went out for a drive on Sunday, intending to go to a Farmers Market, but it wasn’t on, despite the internet saying it should be. We went to a Bunnings, to buy an extension lead for the fan Dan brought for the bedroom when it is mighty hot overnight. Standing there looking at them all, I said ‘what we need is one like we use on the iron’ we started laughing thinking of the uncomfortable night we spent this week with a fan sitting in the bedroom, but with no cable long enough to plug it in. As I said to Dad on the phone yesterday, we don’t iron when we go to bed do we. So we now have TWO extension leads, and something that makes me laugh when I think of it. :D

I am feeling much more myself today, even with not much to do. I feel more postitive about life in general, which is good. I had a little homesickness wobble last week, and my chiro is pleased with my progress, Antoinette thinks the cold I had was a healing one, as it seems to have flushed a lot of things out of me at the same time. That woman is freaky in how she can look at me and see how I am doing, what I am feeling and where my body will be hurting. She doesn’t want to see me for a couple of weeks and I have been cleared to go up the gym again. I am joining it on Friday. Hurrah.

For the rest of the week, I am off to meet Interchange tomorrow. They are a branch of a charity who assist parents in providing respite care, outings and groups for disabled teenagers. I am hoping to volunteer every couple of weeks for them, but I don’t know where, when or any more information, will keep you updated as normal, well as best I can.

It being Monday, I keep wishing I was meeting Alice for lunch at Tiffin Bites. I don’t think I am ever going to not miss some people and the routines we had together. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that.

What do you think..?

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