Christmas Eve

Well, it is Christmas Eve. My parents, brother and sister in law are in the UK, Liz, Jim and the kids are in Florida, Erika and Ian are in Canada, and I am over here with Dan and our family. Never have the most important people in my life have been flung so far apart. … More Christmas Eve

Getting festive

I have made my second batch of mince pies, the first ones were using a new recipe and were not good, this lot went into work with me today. I also made some honeycomb using Nigella’s recipe, I split it with Dan’s work and mine and it is going down a treat. I am making … More Getting festive

I know we don’t need another reason not to see ‘Australia’ but…

That Nicole Kidman is in it is bad enough. “No I haven’t had surgery, my forehead always looks like this” Germaine Greer has written a stonking piece in the Gaurdian: The scale of the disaster that is Baz Luhrmann’s Australia is gradually becoming apparent. When the film was released in Australia in November it found … More I know we don’t need another reason not to see ‘Australia’ but…

Le weekend

It has been a wet one, we have had the most amount of rain in 36 hours for over 2 years. People have had to be evacuated from their homes, trees have been felled, there are flood warnings, but the reservoirs %s have gone up by 0.2%, so we are up to 32.4% full. I … More Le weekend