Just a quickie

To say that I will be offline for a couple of days – we have so much admin and stuff to do round the house, plus we are out all day on Saturday so I am gonna be good and not put my lap top on so I can potter without distractions and looking at crap online.

Me, fritter my time away? I am such a mixture of hard work and laziness it’s not true, this week it has mostly been laziness as the living room bombsite will testify (ahem) and Dan is taking great glee in reporting that none of it is his shit. So I need to tidy it up, get my life back in order and be ready for Monday when it will be December – how the hell did that happen? It doesn’t seem that long ago Dan and I were whizzing round the country covering 3 sites on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and it is nearly a year ago. Time sure does fly when you get older.

So have a great weekend, we are off to see Billy Joel on Saturday, I for one can’t wait as I was brought up on his music, and it will probably be the last time I get to see him live. I will get my camera in to the arena for your viewing pleasure on FB.


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