grey, rainy and miserable – in Melbourne

Now that cheered all of you up in the UK didn’t it! We have had some hooley’s blowing over here, an enormous amount of rain and severe flooding up in New South Wales and Queensland. With a bit of luck it will calm down soon and settle into summer. I had soup for lunch today because it was so chilly!

Yesterday we met up with Ross and Leonie, with two of their friends for lunch. We went to the Retreat, which is the pub used in filming The Sullivans. Remember that? I got a bonus point because I told Dan that Kylie Minogue had been in it when she was little. He didn’t believe me, so I looked it up online, I also tried to find a link for you for the programme, but the one I could find with photos started opening up tab after tab, so I quickly closed it off again.

We didn’t do much after lunch, I had a snooze – I had one on Saturday and on Sunday, but Antoinette my chiropractor said that I have had a moderate to severe viral infection, so if I need to sleep, I sleep. I don’t think I will get away with it at work though. She tried to iron me out on Saturday morning, but I was so tender, she couldn’t get near me, except to re-align my pelvis, but my back and neck she had to leave and manipulate other joints to free them up. She is a marvellous woman, she knows exactly how my body is feeling just by looking at me, which is spooky, but when she has finished with me, I float out the surgery all spaced out and like I am on air.

I had a weird experience in there though, which I meant to tell Mum about last night when we spoke – but I forgot, which I can’t believe I did, but there we have it. Part of my treatment is me laying face down on a couch, head down the hole to keep my spine straight, and little angled blocks under my hips to even me out. I then have to rest to allow my body time to learn, this is what being in the right position feels like. I get covered with a blanket, my arms are propped up on a little shelf underneath my head and I just relax. I concentrate on my breathing, trying to breathe in through my nose, out through my mouth as if I was meditating and I also try and empty my mind, although this is sometimes easier said than done! While lying like this on Saturday morning, I flexed my fingers and had the spookiest, weirdest feeling in the world. I knew, just knew, that my Nan was there with me. I couldn’t feel her, touch her or anything, but I smelt the combination of face cream and compacted powder that is Nanny, and knew she was sitting on the couch in front of me, her hands over mine. I can’t describe this in any other way, other than I have just then, and I know it sounds raving mad – but for someone who died nearly 20 years ago, which I still cannot believe – she was so vividly there, there was absolutely no doubt in mind, she was checking in on me.

I am sat at my desk, sniffling as I type this. I know Mum will read it and probably cry, and I am sorry I forgot to talk this through with you yesterday Mum, but I don’t know why I didn’t remember it.

On a completely different note, I am listening to Sheila Hancock read the book she wrote about her life with John Thaw, The Two Of Us. I first read it ages ago, and am really enjoying listening to it on the way to/from work. The tram in front of mine broke down today in a shower of sparks, so we all had to get off, I started to walk down St Kilda Road to get to work, but in the end had to hop back onto another tram so I wouldn’t be late. Unlike buses, when one breaks down that is it, you can’t go round the one in front of you, there were so many people milling around and about, I had to walk for about 20 minutes before there was a tram empty enough to get on. By that time I only had 3 more stops, but another 10 minute walk. I got to work all flustered and ravenously hungry. I have also had to swap lunches today to cover the phones, so instead of 12noon (Abbey and I felt very proud if we made it to 12:01 before tearing into our lunches), I had to wait till 1pm. The plus side is when I get back from lunch, in about 5 minutes, I will only have a couple of hours before I leave for the day.

I never thought I would say this, but for those of you who are so busy, you can’t think straight. Imagine being so bored with nothing to do, you are reading the database for something to be looking at in case people walk past your desk. It’s driving me mad.

What do you think..?

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