Bronx Mowgli?

WTF were they thinking? I was on a reputable news website, being a news junkie as you know looking for information on Mark Webber’s accident in Tasmania. The name of Ashlee Simpson’s baby was headline news. Was it because it is up there with the stupid names of Angelina and Brad or because serious news is now not news unless there is a celebrity linked to it? I despair.

In The Age, (Aussie newspaper) there was an interview a few weeks ago when the most popular babies names had been published for the year. One mother said that she didn’t want any of her children called anything remotely near a name Angelina would choose. Amen to that. Dan and I have a little list we are working on, no Mum doesn’t need to start knitting just yet, but when we see a name we both like we make a note of it for future reference.

We are watching Australia v New Zealand at the Gabba, every wicket, at the end of every over, every chance they get channel 9 are shoving in an advert. It is driving me potty, not least because Aussie adverts are so shite, but because there are so many sales on, all with an air of desperation ‘Quick buy our stuff, because no-one is!’ And why do they have to shout at you?? I would dearly like to find the person who decided advertising during sports events would be a good thing, especially advertising alcohol, KF frickin C and gambling habits ‘Could you be the next Poker Champion?’ to a nation of people who now have more obese people on average than the US, a nationwide gambling problem and think that driving through off-licences to buy alcohol is a good thing?!

I am sorry for the rant, I am also sorry that Mark Webber has been injured on his own charity event. But most of all I am sorry that a ‘celebrity’, who couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag, has named her baby the most ridiculous name seems to be the most important thing happening in the world right now. What about the women in the Congo that now have to be given firewood as well as food and water by the UN, because if they collect wood from the forest they are raped by the soldiers who are supposed to be protecting them in the refugee camps? What about the 3 year old girl who was raped over there too? Or the woman whose 12 year old daughter now won’t leave her side because she was raped and is too scared to walk any where alone? THAT is not newsworthy, Bronx Mowgli is. For fuck’s sake.

What do you think..?

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