laying around and reading…

…should be one of my favourite things, but when it is the only thing you have any energy for, it is horrible. I have been really quite poorly this week with a virus although I am going back to work tomorrow, I am sat here in the living room with a sore throat still and as soon as I start to move around, even just to walk to one end of the flat to the other it washes me out.

It is also unbearably hot in the flat, we have had temperatures of over 30 deg here, and there is just no air moving through, even with the fan on. As I am going hot and cold at will, it has been hard work getting comfortable enough to sleep, we are under a sheet, with the quilt beside me for when I get cold. During the morning is when I have been getting the most rest as the air has cooled down enough for me to sleep comfortably, but by 10am up it goes again and I spend the rest of the day restless trying to cool down. I woke up yesterday absolutely wringing wet with sweat, not a nice subject I am sorry, but I write to you about me.

I am sat here now with a vest top, bra and pants on, with a cold flannel on the back of my neck. Now there is a look! We are looking at air conditioners, there is no way we are going to survive in here through the summer otherwise.

So in between wafting in and out, I have read What Katy Did At School and What Katy Did Next, these were two of my favourite books when I was younger and were a big disappointment to read again. Although one line from What Katy Did At School did make me laugh:

For one of the good things about our childish mistakes is that each one teaches us something; and so, blundering on, we grow wiser, till when the time comes, we are ready to take our places among the wonderful grown-up people who never make mistakes.

What planet was she on?! I know it was written a long time ago, but still, I think according to this I should be about 12.

We’re watching Strictly Ballroom, we watched a lovely documentary made by Tara Morice this week. Called ‘My Biggest Fan’ Mildred, a lovely lady in Florida wrote to her after she showed the film on 9/11 in her residential facility for the slightly older amongst us. After what happened that day she wasn’t expecting anyone to turn up to the screening, but the theatre was packed, and they gave it a standing ovation. Tara kept in loose contact with her, sending her photos every so often, which Mildred framed and hung on the wall with her daughters. They swapped emails and she adopted her as another surrogate daughter and Tara’s little girl as a granddaughter. Tara went to meet her, taking a film crew with her to watch the final preparations for the annual show in the home ‘The Follies’. Both ladies opened up about their lives, their struggles and found they had more than a love of old films in common. The resident psychologist was 99 years old, some of the cast of the Follies had been in the West End and on Broadway, their average age was 85!

One segment moved me to tears, Mildred’s youngest sister was married to a flying doctor, and with him and their three children were skiing in Aspen when on a flight the plane disappeared. As the snow was 50 foot deep, they didn’t find them until the snow melted, on Mildred’s sister’s birthday. She doesn’t talk about it often as it upsets her so much, but she was such a vivid wonderful lady I am pleased that Tara made the documentary. If it comes onto British TV, I hope you will look out for it.

I better go to bed now, so goodnight all. And for whoever left that lovely comment on my last blog, thank you.

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