Manic Monday

Hello folks,
I am typing this at my new desk, in my new office, in my new job. I usually pop out for a walk at lunchtime, but while I will go out for some air, I have a cold hanging round me so feel a bit woolly headed so won’t venture far today.
In case you missed the ‘Things I’ve learned this week’ I leave the house an hour later, and get home an hour and a half earlier. Which adds up to 12.5 hours a week that I was missing with my commute into London, and that is outside the snoozes I had to have at the weekends. Admittedly I did spend most of Saturday asleep this weekend, but I am blaming my cold. I am sat here guzzling lemsip, taking ibuprofen and have disprin for later should my throat start aching.

One of the frustrating things (for me) about starting a new role, is getting people used to what I do and don’t eat. I am high maintenance I know, but it is worth it so I don’t have rumbling, bloating and all the other symptoms that go hand in hand with IBS. It is hard work though, as people do look at me like I am odd, but I have got used to it now. I have also started to bring my shoes in to leave in my drawer, I have an apple, an orange, dried figs and seeds on my desk already. I also have the card Erika made me that arrived late last week, photos of Dan and I and a post it note from Becky tacked up on my cubicle wall. On my desk is Liz’s ‘Well Done!’ and my piece of Rye church roof, as promised that I would bring in on an earlier blog. I also have Dan’s good luck card and Paul’s thank you card. I am slowly starting to make the area my own, although I am facing into a corner, I don’t need to turn my head far then I can see trees. We are between Fawkner Park and Albert Park, so I have choices where to go for a walk at lunchtime too.

Sorry I didn’t blog at the weekend for you, but I was either asleep or on domestic duties with DG. We cleaned the flat and ironed everything yesterday, so it is ship-shape-shape ready for the week ahead. I am loving being able to come home, get changed, go out for a walk, or when I join the gym toddle off there, or even just catch up on emails. Of course Dan and I can also chat and spend time together too, better get that bit in!!

What do you think..?

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