I am sick to the back teeth with it. We have the Melbourne Cup today, the race the stops a nation, so while we have a public holiday so Dan and I have had 4 whole days together which has been great, I am fed up with horseracing on TV. It’s on the news, on current affairs programmes, on sports programmes, they have fashion slots to show the various hats/fascinators and other feathered creations people wear in their hair. Each day the paper arrives with a form guide in it. Practically every pub or club has a bookies in it, there are slot machines in them too, with chairs in front of them, you can also reserve them, sit there drinking coffee and hot soup that a thoughtful person brings round on a trolley for you. And they wonder why there is a gambling problem over here, it’s friggin every where.

Never mind the world’s most powerful person is being voted in on the other side of the world, never mind that thousands of people in the Congo are fleeing for their lives, never mind that a French aid worker has been abducted and an innocent passer by in Kabul.

So while I am grumpy today, with nothing but horseracing to look forward to on the TV, we are off to Lachy and Renee’s to see them and the children, so should be a good day. Tomorrow we then have to look forward to why this horse won, this one didn’t and pictures all over the front pages, sport pages, current affairs and a parade of best hats and outfits on the gossip columns. Oh and probably a picture of Snoop Dog, the well known drug addict, gun carrying model citizen that is here and a guest at the race course.


What do you think..?

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