Chiro follow up

I have just got back from seeing Antoinette for my second visit. I don’t have a scoliosis, my muscles are just pulling me out of shape – so that is a relief, however she does think that one of my vertebrae near my sacrum is fused, but she thinks that it maybe a congenital defect and nothing to worry about. I may have to have another x-ray, but she is going to ask the hospital where I was x-rayed to have another look at them to confirm what she is thinking.

Antoinette also reminded me that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, I have just moved houses, continents and while I was in England went through a period of extreme stress, so it is no wonder I have been feeling out of sorts for a couple of weeks. We are going to keep an eye on my stress and hormone levels for the next 3 months, as there can be a delayed reaction to pretty much anything while you just ‘get on with’ life. So that also was a relief.

I am reading Eat, Pray, Love. After finishing C, because cowards get cancer too by John Diamond and Down came the Rain by Brooke Shields, while not a very happy collection of reading material I must admit, but I often stand in front of my bookshelf and cherry pick books I haven’t read in a long time to peruse, although I brought Down Came The Rain yesterday as I have always wanted to read it. Sometimes I can have anything up to 5 or 6 books open at anyone time, which Becky at Gresham couldn’t get her around, she wondered how I did it. It is something that is normal to me though, when I was growing up I had the books I had to read at school/college: Animal Farm, MacBeth, Lord of the Flies, The Rainbow, Sons and Lovers to name a few, plus books I would read for pleasure: Cold Comfort Farm, Danielle Steel chewing gum (yes I admit it), Jilly Coopers and so on, then there would be the books that three, or indeed all four, of us in the house we be attempting to read at the same time, each remembering where we had got to. The Alphabet Series by Sue Grafton, Richard North Patterson and other authors I can’t remember now. So I have always been in and out of books, sometimes I pick one up and can’t put it down, Brooke Shield’s for example, that I read in one sitting last night, alternating from laughing and crying along with her. For someone who had never written a book before, it was lovely. Heart-breakingly honest about her Post-Natal Depression, but not preaching about what should or shouldn’t be done; she just laid her cards out on the table in an effort to get more women talking about can affect 1 in 10 women. It wasn’t until I dtarted my OU degree and left Eastbourne that I started improving my reading with more worthier books of my attention.

I love reading, I love the knowledge, freedom, verbal word power and escapism it gives me. I love opening a new book up, wondering if I am going to enjoy it – if not 100 pages plus my age is the chance it gets, after that forget it. Having said that, the last one I left on the train Saturday Ian McKewan, I don’t think I got past chapter two, I left it in Reading, in a huff at such an overrated author and had to buy another book for the return journey.

I worry at people’s houses where they don’t have books out in their living rooms, what do people do to unwind? I am forever trying to persuade Dan to turn the TV off if there is nothing we want to watch, it doesn’t have to sit on shite while we wait for something to come on. And I don’t know about you, but I am finding less and less to watch; then when there is a programme I do want to watch we discover on another channel, something equally as good – ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ timed against a mini-series on the Galapagos islands for example last night. Yes, yes, I know I could record one or other, but if you had our DVD recorder, you would understand why we don’t bother most of the time. I have set up recurring timers for Oprah, but just pressing record isn’t that easy when the machine takes nearly a minute to start up, then you have to click through the channels to make sure you have the right version (as some channels over here have 1 or 2 options, that’s before you get to HD), it is maddening so it’s easier to forget about the programme entirely.

I love watching films and DVDs in the evenings, but again we are dipping in and out of lots of them; with The Godfather II, V for Vendetta, The Big Blue and Planet Earth all part way through, plus Band Of Brothers is staring at us reproachfully because we both want to watch that series again. I also am pining for Studio 60, which I watched from beginning to end when I house sat for Julie – not that long ago. We managed Monsters Inc all the way through one night last weekend; Toy Story and TS 2 were on this weekend back-to-back on TV, Dan hasn’t seen TS2 so I rummaged around trying to find it to put on yesterday, then checked our spreadsheet (don’t laugh we had to catalogue the DVDs when we shipped them in case there were any problems through Customs), so whoever I lent them both too? Can I have them back please? I know I had all the Pixar Disney films, aside from Beauty & The Beast, they are the only Disney films I own, having an aversion to most things Disney. Get me in the wrong mood, it is all I can do to go in the store with someone else (ask Liz) I can get twitchy thinking about the world domination they have going, and DON’T get me started on the raping and mutilation of Winnie The Pooh.

Oh and another thing, don’t ever complain about adverts on British TV again: we watched the first Harry Potter on Friday on Channel Nine, they are showing them all to rev up interest for the new one coming out later this year. Channel Nine put enough adverts in it to make it three hours long – FFS! Bearing in mind I came out the cinema in Salisbury when I first saw it bemoaning that I wasn’t going to get those two hours of my life back, I am surprised as you are that I watched it again, but then I hadn’t read the books when I first saw it so it was more for an experiment on me than anything else. As those of you on Facebook saw, I am still less than impressed with Daniel Radcliffe’s *acting*, he seems to only have two expressions of jaw drop and grin, both of which look like he is grimacing trying to get them out. It has to be said with the later films that both he and Rupert Grint have worked hard on their acting, while Emma Watson still can’t act her way out a paperbag.

While I am on this subject, here are some films that I had done really well to avoid seeing, then managed to catch them, and believe me my life was better for the parodies, as oppose the films: Karate Kid (words cannot describe this for me), Gone With The Wind (overlong, overrated, Carol Burnett’s Scarlett was hilarious 3.25 in for one of the most requested clips on US TV), Titanic (overlong, overrated and French and Saunders took the p mercilessly ‘I have a child!’)

I better go before my blood pressure spills over, I have to report on the weekend for you all too.


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