Well, I certainly don’t stand up straight…

…and I have the pictures to prove it. Mind you, I look quite thin in them! I have been to see Antoinette today, my first visit to her. Within 5 minutes she had freed my neck up, without actually touching it, she was moving my hip and legs around. I don’t know how she did, or what she did, but I feel a lot better already. I need to see her twice a week for about three weeks, and compared to the sometimes vicious clunking, (one day was so bad I couldn’t move the following morning after a treatment I had in Portsmouth), I wish I had found her earlier. She referred me to a clinic for an x-ray, I walked in, smiled for the camera, walked back out with films, and didn’t pay a thing as it is covered on Medicare. Hurrah. I have to go for a walk today, and no more pilates until she tells me I can do them.

Dan and I had a lovely evening last night, we were going to have sausages and running around doing domestics. Instead, Dan remembered he needed to go to Chadstone to Medicare to claim back for his doctor’s visit last week, so we thought we would go to the cinema instead. We ate in the food hall, which isn’t my favourite place to eat, but we chatted for ages, so much fun were we having in each other’s company we blew off the cinema idea too and wandered around talking. We went to Borders (fatal) and I brought Eat, Pray, Love which I am looking forward to reading, Dan brought a DVD and they persuaded us to go on the mailing list. Uh oh.

Eric Clapton tickets have gone on sale today for his concert here in March, we tried to get tickets, but they were overpriced for the seats available and all the ‘cheap’ seats at $100 had already gone. To get any decent view of the stage, we would have had to have paid $200+ each. So we will be happy with Billy Joel in a couple of weeks.

They are cutting down the tree in the yard next to me, not conducive for concentration, or listening to Saturday Live on the interweb… I am trying to avoid listening to Terry Wogan daily if at all possible, as much as I miss the programme, it would interfere with my life over here (hope that makes sense).

I am off to do some work now, as I promised I would be doing. Have a great weekend folks, we are out all day tomorrow, cricket, out all Sunday, woodworking show and a camping/caravaning show, then attempting to de-clutter the back room. And I haven’t even told you about last weekend yet. Busy busy busy. Toodles.


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