Ch ch chilly

Flippin heck it was cold this morning, Dan departed for work in his beany, I had to have the heating on, now I am sat here in a vest top! Talk about four seasons in one day that Melbourne is famous for. As I said in an email today, I think it is an English thing to complain about the weather though.

I have been a productive wench today, I have emailed loads of people this morning, so am up-to-date with my correspondence, I have cleared my task bar apart from trying to sort out my duplicate contacts from when I sync my mobile with Outlook – not for the faint-hearted and something that will get done tomorrow as I have cleared the decks today. I have gone through the paperwork that followed me out in my two boxes, binned most of it, so that was worth paying to have it shipped over now wasn’t it?! And what I want to keep, along with the two boxes is now in the back bedroom, so I can shut the door on it and pretend it isn’t there :D This plan fails miserably several times a day as it also where all our shoes are, and where we hang the washing up, but this weekend on Sunday DG and I are blitzing the back bedroom, sorting through everything and packing stuff into said boxes (see that is why I am a PA, forward thinking) to store downstairs. It is secure, not damp, there is loads of room and it gets it out the bluddy way too. We have brought things over from the UK that we want for ‘our’ house, but we don’t have room in the flat, there is some reasoning behind keeping things in boxes for x years as you obviously don’t need them, but we are talking about a small flat here, and we thought about what we wanted to keep before we packed it (except my paperwork obviously!)

So apart from clearing my ’email back’ category (Paul would be so proud of me), sorting and tidying things up, I have cleaned the kitchen, I did the ironing last night, not easy with my shoulder hurting, (thank goodness it isn’t my right arm as I would be really stuck) and when Dan gets home I will remind him how to use the hoover while I clean the bathroom. Now I have a job to go to, he will have to get used to being the sock fairy himself.

We both cooked dinner last night, Jamie Oliver’s stroganoff from ‘Jamie At Home’ it wasn’t as good as last time we did it, the sauce was still amazingly tasty, it was the beef that was the problem, we got stewing steak instead of steak steak. As this recipe doesn’t take that long to cook, and the beef needed a good few hours to tender up, it was a bit chewy, not least because Dan insisted on chunks, not strips of beef. I was in charge of mushrooms and parsley (from our herb garden). But it was tasty. We are having sausages from the Farmer’s Market we went to last weekend with veggies tonight.

I haven’t been for a walk since I went base over apex, and wanted to go out today, but sorting my paperwork took longer than I thought (mainly because I kept reading the magazine articles I had clipped out), so I will drag Dan out tonight instead. He isn’t going cricket training again, he is resting his shoulder after he landed on it a couple of weeks ago in a match. What a pair, we rub deep heat on each other in the evenings, how romantic! I also haven’t done my Pilates DVD either as I can’t lift my arm high enough to do some of the movements, so also haven’t been able to go swimming. O woe is me…

So I have caught up on a lot of admin today, as I am going to be helping Paul with Today’s PA, all very exciting. I have been doing a few bits for him this week, and want a clear day tomorrow to finish off and deliver a project to him. So provided I can move after my new chiro visit tomorrow morning, I am officially working two jobs. Something I haven’t done in years, but something I am really looking forward to doing.


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