I will let you know about the weekend later, but I am just in from my walk this morning. I took Dan to work as I have errands to run in Malvern proper, so got dressed into my gym kit when I surfaced this morning. Drove home, walked back out the garage for my usual 5 and bit km, crossing one of the suburb roads a guy drove too fast to get out onto the service road by the freeway, towing a trailer with a boat and outboard motor on. To avoid him I fell over; I have bruised hands, hips, cut fingers, dropped my water bottle, landed on my iPod and phone, luckily they didn’t break and scuffed clothes – great. He didn’t stop to see if I was ok, ba$tard.

In two minds to go home or not, I looked at my palms, while they are glowing, the skin didn’t break so carried on, little soldier that I am. I got home to get a text from Dan telling me the Eckhart Tolle tickets have arrived for his lecture we are going to next year. That cheered me up!


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