Couple of photos for you

First up – look at my new driving licence, the specials are out on day release:

Then look at what I did preparing for a job interview this morning:

Yup, while putting stuff back into the bathroom cabinet, I sent a full bottle of nail varnish flying into the sink where it smashed. 10 minutes before I had to leave the house for an interview. I then put my bum through my nude tights so had to wear my funky black holey ones, and all following the alarm not going off as I turned it off yesterday and we forgot to turn it back on again. Then on the tram this morning, we had a lady get on with headphones on, who started singing and dancing round the carriage. She was on something as she started pole dancing, taking her clothes off to her bikini top and squashing herself up against the window like she was in a club. Being English, I ignored her and got off at my stop. I did get through to the second round of interviews though, and will be seeing them next week. I also have another interview lined up next week too with another company.

On a brighter note, I made the pharmacist giggle when I brought a box of rubber gloves, two bottles of nail varnish remover and told him what I had done. Dan phoned and said that I was a law unto society and shouldn’t be allowed out the house, this was BEFORE I got out the house. I cleaned it up and now am sitting here in a flat, with all the windows open, not daring to light the hob in case I set fire to my eyebrows.

One thought on “Couple of photos for you

  1. As the specials seem to reside in Barton Mills, I think you should relocate there, as you look like you will fit in really well!


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