Dan is cooking *read re-heating, I have been to F*** off out his kitchen. In the nicest possible way. All he is doing is gnocchi and pasta sauce, not exactly Jamie Oliver, but when I said he had too much water in the pan so it would boil over, and with gnocchi, it sticks like shit to a blanket on the hob because of the starch, I was dismissed.

I have had a nice day pottering in and out the flat, we passed our 3 month inspection today too. I’ve been to the library (more The Cat Who), got yet another wedding book out as well, this one is how to be the ‘Perfect Bride’ I got it for the facial, manicure and pedicure tips, rather than the frenetic countdowns including daily meditations on calm to be used from the week before, I’ve been to a chemist for orange sticks, found a headband (at last) to keep my hair out my fizzog when I get round to the facials and also managed to dodge the showers too. Dan had hail at work, I didn’t have any here, but have had several large downpours.

I have an interview on Wednesday, I am getting my Victorian driving licence tomorrow and meeting Lachy and Renee for dinner in the evening too. Dan is cricket training, so can’t come out to play. Other than that I may go for a swim as Sarah has pointed me in the right direction for some programmes. I’ll be a skinny minny before I know it.

One thought on “Greetings

  1. Blimey, I’ve made myself useful. Thats twice in 2 days that I’ve had a use…. Hope the swimming goes well, although you might not thank me for it afterwards! Have fun!


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