I am pleased to let the regulars know that my litte brother is engaged to the lovely Caireen. I had heard via a text that he has asked her in Paris after he had finished his London to Paris bike ride, but I got an email today from the horses mouth telling me. The last time I was able to hop onto Facebook (trying AGAIN now) I saw that they had amended their status to engaged, so it looks likely that my Best Woman duties will start revving up now. This is the only photo I have of them that Caireen isn’t ducking away from the camera, so apologies we are slap bang in the middle of them, but it is a nice photo and is parked on the fridge here at home.

How on earth am I going to manage being a Bride and a Best Woman?

I have been able to moderate Sarah’s comments, but still cannot get into FB, so in the meantime, please email or text me should you have any gossip. I know Wiz has some photos she wants me to see on there, and I have loads waiting to be uploaded when broadband appears next week. How did I cope with dial up interweb access back in the day? You never realise how much miss something until it isn’t there.

I don’t have much to report, as not much happened last night – we did try on the Australian Top Gear again for the second one in the series, at least Dan did. I was on my lap top typing notes up from the Dr Phil audio book I was listening to before I came out here. Dan only watched it for the Holden/Ford challenge, which was crap by his account. So we won’t watch it any more, although it was followed by a really funny South Park :D

Things to do, so will close for now. More tomorrow, I know you can’t wait! ahem


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