I have my first Australian cold, well I think it is Australian, since I landed I have been snuffly with the odd sore throat thrown in for good measure, but yesterday it hit me, so I stayed in my jim-jams all day, watched DVDs, read, slept and blew my nose like an elephant. I was going to go to Renee’s to a Tupperware party (somehow we’ve regressed to the 70s) but at lunchtime I called her to say I was in no fit state. Dan had met Lachy and his Dad for dinner so I was able to watch: The Incredibles, A League of Their Own and Working Girl as well as read two books. I would say it was bliss, but I am fed up of my own company now.

Today Dan had cricket training again, he still isn’t recovered from last week, but he has made a good impression and is in the first team – I am so proud of him. I was going to do the food shopping while he was playing, but went back to bed for a doze instead. I was woken up by the phone ringing, ‘Is Mrs Anton there?’ When I said they had the wrong number, he asked who he was talking to. So I told him, that I wasn’t going to give my name if he had the wrong number (!) and hung up on him. Twat. The phone rang again, ‘Hello?!’ in a cross grumpy voice, and it was Ross checking to see how I was. Oops.

We’ve been shopping, obnoxious children on a Saturday – never again, we’re going back to mid-week shopping for stuff. We can pick up meat, vegetables and deli stuff on the street where we live, which is great and I love it. But unfortunately we do need to go to supermarkados still. This afternoon, mostly I will be sleeping, reading and lounging around in front of the TV again on the bean bag (still can’t get off it elegantly) and getting ready for a day out tomorrow. We’ve be drawing a list of places to visit, for one day and two day trips, all very exciting and new for both of us.

Catch you later, I need to blow my nose again.


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